Hot New Beauty Trick from Spaghetti Headz @Morphmallow #SpaghettiHeadz #MomMixer

We are absolutely WILD about Spaghetti Headz. This weekend at the Mom Mixer, Spaghetti Headz was our beauty sponsor and styled hair for Moms, little girls – and even our Dad Bloggers, with their innovative hair styling Spaghetti Headz. You can buy a set of 3 Spaghetti Headz for only $13. 99 too!

Spaghetti Headz are pliable and literally go in your hair in seconds by simply twisting a piece of hair and then wrapping it around your Spaghetti Headz.

Moms had a blast getting styled in their Spaghetti Headz and it was so fun to see all of our guests wearing them.

Hanging with Spaghetti Headz at Mom Mixer

Spaghetti Headz Video Demo

Here’s my 8 year old Kenzie who demonstrates Spaghetti Headz as she gets one put into her hair at the Mom Mixer. So fun!

I find them so comfortable, that I’ve even SLEPT in Spaghetti Headz and they look cute the next morning.  When it’s time to take it out you can simply slide it right out of your hair. Easy!

Spaghetti Headz Available in 8 Different Sets

Each Spaghetti Headz strip has a cute little charm on the bottom of it. The charms vary based on what set you purchase. There are 8 sets for sale and each has a different theme. Feathers and Texting are cool for tweens and teens, Christmas or Hanukkah for the Holidays, Birthdays and more!

Spaghetti Headz are eco friendly and made of Polymer Clay. The company was founded by Mompreneurs too. I love them!!!!!! And so does my daughter!


20141106-135117.jpgspaghetti headz birthday

Thanks to Spaghetti Headz for being our Beauty sponsor at the 2014 Holiday Mom Mixer. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Spaghetti Headz

Spaghetti Headz signs


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