Hot Wheels Color Shifters

I’m officially a boy mom now and I’m rapidly trying to get up to speed on the latest and hottest toys for boys. We bought our very own set of HotWheels toy cars about 3 week ago for Kyle and he loves them. Last week HotWheels shipped us a free package of their latest innovation – these amazing cars that change colors when put in cold water! You can check out my demo in the video below to see the cool factor! This takes HotWheels to whole new level of genius yet simplistic innovation. This little car goes from street car to race car when you dip it in cold water. We used ice water to achieve the color change from white to blue. Even cooler is the fact that the HotWheels maintain their color shift at room temperature after you make the change. Kyle and Kenzie both love going back and forth between bowls of ice water to warm water to see their car shift from white to blue and back again. Your kids will love the magic of these cars. Classy Mommy Approved.

For more information, click here. Price: $10

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