How Do You Make Cleaning More Fun?

The thought of cleaning the house conjures up all kinds of thoughts. From scrubbing soap scum to folding the laundry, unless you’re a princess living in a castle, you’re no stranger to these tasks. Finding the time to clean is always a struggle for me. Like many women, I find a clean house so satisfying that I don’t really mind the chores. The trick is finding the time to get down and dirty, and multi-tasking is a great way to make cleaning more fun.

Here are some fun stats from the Scrubbing Bubbles Dirty Work Index:

Almost all (90 percent) of women report listening to music while they clean

  • Nearly half of all women sing (47 percent) or watch TV (45 percent) while cleaning their homes
  • Women 18-24 are the most likely to clean as a stress relief (57 percent)
  • 68  percent of women enjoy cleaning their home
  • Over half of all women (60 percent) have a routine they stick to when cleaning

Do you listen to music while you clean? Or watch TV? I love listening to daytime talk shows while I clean, including the “Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” “The View” or “The Talk.” What do you do to make cleaning more fun?

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