How Merida got such great hair from Disney’s Brave

Brave hits theaters in 3D on June 22, 2012 and it can’t come soon enough! Here’s some more scoop from my visit to the press junket for Brave.

One thing you can’t deny about Merida from Disney’s movie Brave: she’s got killer hair. I mean, seriously, I’m a bit jealous of all you red heads out there after watching this movie. Her curly hair hypnotizes you during the movie. You can’t stop looking at it now, can you?

So after becoming envious of an animated characters sweet style, I was especially anxious to meet Claudia at Pixar who was one of the stylists for Merida. Did you know she has an entire team of stylists and designers? Just wait, it gets better. There’s an actual grooming team at Pixar who does “anything fur and hair” for the movie. There’s even a person assigned just to Merida’s eyebrows as her full-time job!

Now if you think about it, you’ve probably never seen hair this unique in other movies. In fact, I’m sure you haven’t because the stylist for Merida’s hair wanted it to be so life-like that she had a curling iron created in the computer to literally curl her hair just how she envisioned! Forget the simple drawing of hair like the old days. Nope, Merida has to spend hours in front of the mirror just like any other girl if she wants soft, voluminous curls that will drive the boys wild.


Other hairy facts:

1. Merida’s hair is 4 feet long when it’s straight.

2. Even though Merida has iconic hair, her horse Angus has the most difficult hair to create in the movie.

3. The scene that you see when Merida pulls off her hood took 2 months to finish.

4. Merida’s eyebrows have more hairs than a real human’s eyebrows.


Disclosure: Thanks to Disney for paying for my travel expenses to visit Pixar Animation Studios for the Brave press junket. Brave hits theaters in 3D on June 22, 2012. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Holy cow!!! She stole my hair!!! :0) I just saw the commercial, and my jaw dropped! I sent a message to a long-time friend, and he said, “I know! I thought the same thing!” That is some funny stuff. I will have to see this movie just to support the fellow curly redhead with a bow and arrow!

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