How Not to Burn Toast

The answer is this Magimix by Robot-Coupe Vision Toaster makes an excellent Father’s Day Gift and Moms will really appreciate this gorgeous toaster that offers ultra high functionality too. We received one to review and the key feature is that you can actually WATCH your toast as it is “browning” or toasting so you can pop it up at just the right level of toasting to suit your taste. (There is also a timer, but it is nice to watch it cooking and pop it up whenever it is as toasted as I like it!) Take a peek:

The price is high at $250, but it comes with a lot of key features – like a defrosting button, even browning, glass front, and it’s good for up to 30,000 uses so this quality toaster is going to last a long time. I admit our last toaster certainly cost less than $50 but these gadget is top of the line and pales in comparison to what we were using before – and with 30,000 uses, it is going to last for years and years.

Available at Williams – Sonoma on sale now for $250.

Disclosure:We received a sample toaster free to facilitate our review.

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