How to Buy the Best Jogging Stroller

A Jogging Stroller is a big investment. Looking for tips about what jogging stroller is the best for you? My husband and I are are both runners so we researched on the web and spoke with friends, other parents, serious runners, and casual runners to help us decide which jogging stroller would be best for our family.

Here’s a fantastic breakdown of the key features in the below article. And we’ve got a special savings code too!

What to look for in a Running Stroller by Kelly Morse, founder of
Swivel Wheel VS Fixed Wheel: Swivel Wheels are easy to maneuver thru most any crowd or street. They are great for walking and light jogging. Fixed wheels on the other hand are great if you want to run or have lots of hills to go up. Pulling the handlebar to get up and over curbs can get a little tiring. For the safety of your child the fixed wheel position is the best. If you are a serious runner (3 or more miles) you will want to get a fixed wheeled stroller or run with your stroller in fixed wheel position. Many companies now offer strollers with a swivel/fixed wheel option.
Adjustable Handlebar vs. Fixed Handlebars: An adjustable handlebar is great for our parents of varying heights. Having an adjustable handlebar helps to position you correctly so that you can avoid back pain. This option is best on a stroller for walking rather than running. If you are a runner we recommend a fixed handlebar as it is going to receive lots of pressure when you run. The adjustable handlebars parts will break down over time just like the swivel wheel.
Tires and Treads: We like strollers that have air filled tires (just like a bike tire) for exercise. Having bigger tires makes the stroller and its passenger easier to push and more comfortable for your baby over different terrains. The larger 20” & 16” wheels are great for running. When you purchase a stroller with shocks the 16” tires then perform like a 20” tire. Shocks are a great feature to have on a running stroller. If you are looking to run or walk on dirt roads or sand you will want a tire with deep grooves like a mountain bike tire that will grab the surface you are pushing it on. Purchasing a stroller for off-roading? Your best bet will be to find one that has shocks and deep grooved tires.
Easy Fold: Look for a stroller that is easy to fold and store in your trunk. Getting your stroller open should be just as easy. You do not want a stroller that you have to take apart every time you go somewhere. You will find it stays set up in the garage for local walk or you end up buying a new one.
Large Sun Hood: With the sun’s harmful rays you want to make sure your little one is protected. Even on cloudy days he can get sunburned. A large sun hood is recommended and is something that is pretty standard on your more expensive strollers. Most stroller companies also offer a separate sun shield to help block the UVA rays if yours is not big enough. This also helps protect him or her from bugs.
Infant Seat Compatible: This is a very important decision. What often happens is that parents fall in love with an infant seat and cannot find an adapter to make their stroller into a “travel system”. If you purchase a stroller with a swivel wheel you really only need one stroller to do it all from birth and beyond. Almost all stroller manufactures make infant seat adapters (sold separately) to fit Peg Perego and Graco as they are the leaders in the industry. In the last couple of years Chicco and Maxi Cosi have become very popular infant seats. Be sure to research which stroller adapters will work with these infant seats. Important information on when you can run with your infant: If you have an infant car seat adapter you can use your stroller from day one for strolls. Most stroller manufactures suggest waiting 6-8 weeks for any kind of walking exercise. It will seem like forever if you are passionate about exercise but, it is worth the wait. It is also suggested you wait 6 months to run with your infant. This is mainly due to the fact your infant has little to no head and neck control until they are 6 months of age. As always check with your pediatrician first.
Stroller Recommendations:
Fixed Wheel strollers for multi-surfaces: Baby Jogger Performance stroller, Baby Jogger new FIT stroller, BOB Ironman stroller, Kool-Stop stroller
Fixed Wheel strollers for dirt trails or sand: BOB SUS (Sport Utility Stroller) stroller and Tike Tech X3 Sport stroller
Swivel Wheel/Fixed Wheel Combo strollers: BOB Revolution stroller and Baby Jogger Summit 360 stroller
Kelly Morse is a running Mom of 4, who founded the website to help Parents with their jogging stroller purchases. The Joggermom is one of my go to resources on web when it comes to jogging stroller advice. Kelly is also the Mom of triplets so she’s got us covered on single joggers, double strollers and even advice for triple strollers!

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  1. Great article! To add, I would also want a jogger with extra features like a parent tray and a large storage. It’s great when doing runs or when taking groceries. 🙂

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