The Modern Flying Insect Trap from @Zevo #StickWithZevo How to Catch Fruit Flies and Mosquitoes without chemicals!

Are you ever troubled by flying insects in your kitchen or on the patio during the warm summer months? If so, say Hello to ZEVO! Zevo is a really cool innovative way to eliminate flying insects like mosquitoes, houseflies, moths, fruit flies and more in your home without the use of chemical insecticides. Zevo sent us a sample unit to test out. I can’t believe what an innovative and easy solution this is to troublesome flying insects. What I really love about Zevo is that this is literally a PLUG and PLAY solution to catch flying insects in your home. Hooray!  

How to Catch Fruit Flies and Mosquitoes without chemicals

How to Use Zevo?

I’m so impressed with how SIMPLE and EASY it is to use Zevo. Long gone are the days of gross sticky “fly tape” or the fear of needing to use chemicals to eradicate flying insects in the home.

  1. Snap on a trap cartridge and plug into any wall outlet.
  2. The dual light attracts, and the super sticky adhesive traps flying insects
  3. When cartridge is full, just toss and replace.

Your Zevo Flying insect Trap Starter kit comes with your device and cartridge to plug into your wall along with 1 replacement cartridge. They recommend you replace cartridges every 14-30 days.

How Does Zevo Work to Trap Flying Bugs?

Remember, Zevo is FREE of chemical insecticides so this is a big safety win for me as a concerned mom. Instead, Zevo uses insects’ natural instincts again them with an irresistible UV and blue light bio-attractants to continuously attract and trap insects into a super sticky adhesive backing. Even better, we never need to touch this backing as it is all enclosed even when you take your trap out of the box. Yay!!!

How to Catch Fruit Flies and Mosquitoes without chemicals

The Modern Solution to Trap Flying Insects

Do you ever get bothered by fruit flies in the kitchen? I know in the summer we do – I think they are drawn to our bananas as they get more brown and sweet smelling!  So I’ve plugged my Zevo into the kitchen counter area to catch these buggers where I know they are likely to appear.

And with the fears of mosquitoes these days, I love the idea of plugging a Zevo into my patio outlet to try and trap all kinds of flying insects that like to hang out on our deck on those warm spring and summer evenings.

Zevo really is effortless and I can’t wait to see how many bugs we trap in the coming months simply from plugging in this innovative modern flying insect trap.

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Note: This post is sponsored by Zevo. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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