How to Do Internet Shopping without a Credit Card

Internet shopping is a huge part of my “consumption” life. I couldn’t imagine not being able to shop online. But for many people, if you don’t have a credit card, securing these awesome online deals and the convenience of online shopping is just not a reality or possibility.

Good news is that thanks to, NOW it really is possible to shop online without a credit card. just launched a PAY WITH CASH option for customers shopping online. Simply incredible and I’m thrilled that this will give many customers the ability to find those “hard to find” products or gifts that can usually only be found online.

Basically, you just choose the PAY WITH CASH option when you are checking out in your online cart. Then, you must arrive at your local Walmart within 48 hours to pay CASH for your item at which point they will ORDER the item for you. Then, they’ll email and text you when it arrives in stock. This results in a 2nd visit to Walmart to pick up your purchase. This process doesn’t save time but it saves money and gives you the option to buy hard to find online items that are not available in stores with cash.

Here’s my video talking about our experience ordering online with the PAY WITH CASH option at Walmart.

I bought the American Girl Molly DVD which is not available in store online from with cash – totaling under $13 before tax. Had I bought it from Amazon the price would have been $19.99 – so it was a huge savings!

In total – this is a revolutionary offering for customers who do not have access to credit cards. However, for those of us with credit cards, the Site to Store option is the convenient way to shop and save on shipping fees, whereas a pay with cash option does result in 2 visits to your local Walmart – 1 to Pay for the item and then 1 to pick up your item at a later date when it arrives in store.

Here’s me paying “Cash” in store for my item today with all my paperwork. Next up, we’ll get a text and email telling me our DVD from American Girl has arrived in the store.


Note: Some items will not work with the Pay with Cash items. These are the items that are already available SAME DAY at your local store. Perhaps in the future they will revise this system to enable it for all items at as I know this process was confusing for me and will perhaps be confusing to other people too.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. As a member of the Walmart Moms, Walmart has provided me with compensation for my time to test out this service and facilitate this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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