How to Draw Elmo in 3 Easy Steps

Elmo is likely one of everyone’s FAVORITE Sesame Street characters. He is especially pretty irresistible for the preschool and toddler crowd! Here’s a cute tutorial on How to Draw Elmo in 3 Easy Steps. Enjoy!

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How to Draw Elmo in 3 Easy Steps

Here’s an image showing the step by step instructions. As you can see these tips literally show you How to Draw Elmo in 3 Easy Steps!

As you can tell – the focus is on the face. Draw a circle, nose and eyes, and then add those happy BIG pupils to the eyeballs to create your very own Elmo!

How to Draw Elmo in 3 Easy Steps

You can also download these printable instructions via the file below. This might make it easier if you want to step away from the laptop to draw and color. Print as many times as you’d like if you’d like to share these instructions on how to draw Elmo in 3 easy steps with others.

Video Tutorial How to Draw Elmo

For more inspiration or tips on drawing your favorite cuddly red friend, here’s a video with more instructions and tips.

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