How to Get Red Carpet Sleek Straight Hair with Vidal Sassoon

Vidal Sassoon challenged me to use some of their brand new products to replicate a Red Carpet Hairstyle.

At first I thought – Yikes! Clearly, I’m no celebrity hair stylist, but I was excited to see what I could come up with quickly that would work for my own “Mom Style”. I love beach waves and generally when I style my hair I opt for that look.Long loose curls have been hot on the runway and red carpet for the past few years. But on an everyday basis, I don’t always have time to curly my hair, so I wanted to see if I could go for the more sleek and straight looks I’ve been noticing this awards season.


Opting for something quick and easy, I wanted to go for the straightened looks I’ve been seeing on the red carpet lately. And amazingly, with my average Mom skills, I somehow came pretty close.

Here’s Kerry Washington, star of Scandal, at the Golden Globes. I love her look!

Take a peek at Jennifer Ainston also sporting a more sleek look last week at the Oscars.

Despite my casual attire, my hair isn’t too far off the red carpet sleek straight look right?

How to Get the Look? Vidal Sassoon just launched 2 new products in their Pro Series line this January 2013. The 2 new options that I could use to achieve my new look are the Vidal Sasoon Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse and Vidal Sassoon Repair & Finish Spray.

Since I wanted to go for a sleek and straight look, I decided not to use the mousse for this experiment since I tend to have a lot of natural volume and instead wanted to calm down my frizz and literally “flatten” the look of my hair. I went for the Spray Repair and Finish which I think truly repaired my hair by controlling that frizz and all my straggly bits that make my hair look disorganized on my ordinary days.

I can not reiterate how easy and quick it was for me to get this look too. I literally did this hair style in 2 minutes before putting my 1st grader on the bus in the morning. I didn’t flat iron it either, although all die long friends were complimenting me on my straight hair and thought I had been to the salon or straightened it. My girlfriends and Mom are now wanting to run out and buy this Vidal Sassoon Repair and Finish spray as they couldn’t believe all I did was brush and spray my hair. Really!

So to get this look I simply did the following:

1. Don’t wash your hair before styling. Instead wash it 1-2 days before

2. Brush carefully and completely into a straight look.

3. Spray Vidal Sassoon Spray Repair & Finish all over your hair. Particularly towards the roots and ends holding it about 6 -8 inches from your hair. It smells “salon delicious”. I love it!

4. Repeat brushing to smooth and style in the direction you’d like for your sleek straight hairstyle.

I do think it helped that I did not WASH my hair before styling it so I also highly recommend that for those attempting the straight look. If it’s time to wash your hair, after blow drying, I would use a flat iron before spraying it. I always find my best succes in styling my own hair is when I do not wash, blow dry, and then style. Instead, I like to style my hair when it is 1-2 days into a wash. My hair dresser recommends this approach too!

The mousse is great to use on wet or dry hair if you are looking for volume and want to go for those beach waves and curls. Even though it is clear in the bottle it comes out as a beautiful foam and smells salon delicious too!

Note: This is a sponsored post via a campaign with Proctor & Gamble. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. WOW, I really need to try this immediately. My hair looks like a chia pet, so any kind of help I can get is awesome. My # 1 thing on my “If I win the lottery, what would I buy” list is a hair stylist – in house. Will try and let you know how it goes!

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