How to Make A Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

We heart a good birthday party and all the memories that come with it. Here’s how a Minnie Mouse cake was baked and decorated beautifully! Using an inexpensive Wilton Cake pan $12- shaped just like Mickey Mouse made this very easy to do. And to easily make it a “Minnie Mouse” cake, just add that pink ribbon bow! Love it!

Creating a cake to match your party theme perfectly adds just the right touch to your party to make it extra special and memorable for both your guests and the birthday girl or boy.


My best friend’s Mom always makes the most amazing cakes and this one was no exception. She said it was one of her easiest cakes ever. The ribbon on top turned Mickey into Minnie. And the Wilton Cake pan only costs about $12 on Amazon!


The kids loved sporting the little Mouse ears too!


For the icing, Kelli’s Mom only used the “black” dyed icing for the nose and to improve taste on the entire cake, she made the ears a dark chocolate icing from a standard Duncan Hines/Betty Crocker style pre-made tub. I never would have noticed this color discrepancy if she didn’t tell me how she made the icing taste so yummy.

And she just applied all the icing using a pastry tube. Impressive!

Of course, no 5 year old birthday party is complete without cupcakes. So Kelli and her Mom had these out for all of Ava’s guests to devour too.


The best part of the party – no matter what kind of cake you make – is celebrating with friends. I love seeing my Kenzie sharing such a fun friendship with the daughter’s of my two best friends. Oh how these girls adore each other!


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