How to Make Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker Video Review

If you are looking for a DELICIOUS Frozen treat for summer time or anytime for your family, you will LOVE Yonanas. We had the chance to review the new YONANAS machine, a frozen treat maker appliance this week. I give it a rave review for being ultra easy to use, clean, and for making super yummy 100% frozen fruit treats. Yonanas are made with frozen bananas and your choice of assorted frozen fruit and transform into an ice cream like consistency thanks to the Yonanas appliance.

Yes in this case BANANAS equal ICE CREAM! Really.

Take a peek at the Yonanas appliance and our yummy dessert that I made below.

Yonanas Machine Review

You make the Yonanas by using YELLOW and VERY BROWN SPOTTED bananas that you freeze and then combine it with the fruit of your choice. I used frozen strawberries and blueberries since they are my favorite. Remember, bananas get sweeter the more “brown” and spotted they get, so the sweetest Yonanas will come from this type of Banana.

How to Make Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker Video Review

Here’s a video demo of the Yonanas maker in action. Yonanas Treat Makers sell for $49.96 at Walmart.

Tip: Peel your bananas before you FREEZE them and pop them in a Ziploc bag.


Here’s the frozen fruit I used. YUM! You can buy frozen fruit or freeze your own. I like to freeze my own if it is about to go bad and we don’t have time to eat it all, then I can freeze it and use it later.


Here’s an up close photo of our frozen treat concoction.


It was wonderful. Super cold thanks to our FROZEN fruit and totally a thick creation like ice cream versus the smoothies I make with frozen fruit using my immersion blender. You can only eat Yonanas with a spoon – you could NEVER drink it. Think of it like a 100% all natural frozen fruit dessert. YUM!

Yonanas frozen dessert recipe

Pros: Inexpensive appliance at under $50. Super delicious snack, healthy and 100% natural. Easy to use and VERY EASY to clean. Truly, the blade is just pops out and you can rinse it under water and it is dishwasher safe. There are hardly any extra grooves or nooks which is awesome as it means it’s easy to clean. Bonus: The blade and core are also all dishwasher safe. Woohoo!

Cons: I don’t have any major cons other than to consider that this is one more appliance in your kitchen! So if you are short on space, this is obviously not an essential. It’s not very bulky or big but it is one more extra item you’ll need to find cabinet space for to store.




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