How To Shop TJ Maxx & Marshalls

4 Tips on How to Shop TJ Maxx & Marshalls this season. The start of school is literally around the corner and families are scrambling to get back to school supplies & the updated wardrobe for the kids squared away as they squeeze in those last spectacular days of summer by the pool or a family vacation at the beach.  I asked the pros for some tips on how best to shop both TJ Maxx & Marshalls to help us score the best deals and make the most of our back to school shopping.  Thanks to Laura McDowell, the official spokesperson for TJ Maxx for sharing her expertise.

1. Shop Regularly & Shop Often– TJ Maxx & Marshalls are constantly refreshing their products with 10,000 items arriving weekly in every store. Talk about turnover. You never know what to expect and always have a chance to find a deal on something. This week might be lunch boxes galore while next week will have awesome storage organizers for kids heading off to college or for Mom to makeover the kids closets. They’ll always have the latest trends in stock.

2. Stop in the Toy Section 1st – Really. Go to the toy section first. My kids go crazy for all the wide array of toys and books at both TJ Maxx & Marshalls. If you let them pick out a toy at the beginning, they can play with it all during the “boring” part of your hunt for the perfect outfit. It will make everyone happier and if the kids are really good – you can maybe even buy it at the end.

3. Think of TJ Maxx & Marshalls as a gift destination – I love to score a deal on birthday party gifts. Then I’m able to give an extra special gift while still being within a $10 – $20 budget. So while you might be shopping for cool Hello Kitty stationary, a Spiderman backpack, or a cool lunch box,  TJ Maxx & Marshalls also have all kinds of Educational Toys, puzzles, board books, Thomas the Train goodies, Strawberry Shortcake, Melissa & Doug products, and whatever is HOT at the moment.

From Twilight for your teens to Beezus & Ramona for your tweens.

4. Look to TJ Maxx & Marshalls to find the trends – Since merchandise is constantly revolving and fresh, you can be certain they are carrying what is hot at the moment. (And yes you’ll find those designer names at 20-60% off too!) So what is hot this season?

For Everyone – Layers!

For the ladies – All those Asymetrical Hemlines are totally in.

Girls – denim, jeggings, very long cardigans, rugby striped dresses, all those razzle dazzle tees and anything with embellishments from peace signs to flowers to jewels.

– Boys – Layers! And all the looks we love from Surfer, to the Sports kid, to the Preppy boy style.

– Moms – A return to a more polished and sophisticated style. Very classy outfits think jackets, blazers, blouses and all those gorgeous materials we covet like cashmere & leather!

Disclosure: I’m a mom blogger spokesperson for TJ Maxx & Marshall for this back to school season. As always, the shopping addiction & opinions are my own.

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