How to Test for Spiked Drinks with SipChip – Easy and Discreet Date Rape Drug Test! #SipChip #ProtectYourself

Do you worry about someone spiking your drink with drugs? Sadly, this possibility is a reality that we need to educate our teens, college aged children, and ourselves about as we all need to be aware and careful about the possibility of someone slipping drugs into your drink and consequently making you vulnerable to date rape or sexual assault. Did you know that 1 in 10 women report being victims of drug facilitated sexual assault? From college parties, to nightclubs, to hotels, or business travel, we all need to be cautious of the possibility of someone drugging our drinks.

Now, there is a way to help protect yourself from this possibility. Enter the SipChip.

SipChip is the most advanced date-rape drug test available. And it’s affordable and easy to use! 

How to Test for Spiked Drinks with SipChip

I’m obsessed with this convenient and genius innovation! SipChip lets your safely and discreetly test your drink to be sure there are no drugs present in your drink. It works on over 100 liquids – both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages such as juice, mixed drinks, beer, wine and liquors.

Be Safe. Be Prepared. Arm Yourself & Your Daughters with SipChip!

SipChip is easy to use, affordable, convenient and a great tool to protect yourself. Why not use the SipChip? I’m telling all my friends and family members about SipChip so we can protect ourselves and our daughters. For us adults, this is a great tool to have when traveling alone or when we are in an unfamiliar social setting. For our teens and college aged children, I feel like this is a tool they will likely regularly use since kids are constantly attending social functions and you can never be too careful.

Learn more about the SipChip from Undercover Colors here.

More Reasons to Love SipChip – it’s Small & Discreet!

Besides being the most advanced date-rape drug test available, SipChip is small and discreet. Check out the small size of SipChip in these photos and you’ll understand just how convenient it is to always carry SipChip with you so you can be prepared to test your drinks. You can attache it to your keychain or even the back of your cell phone.

How to Test for Spiked Drinks with SipChip

No one would even know what this little fob or knob was on your phone or keychain, but yet you and your children can be prepared to test any drink at anytime. Brilliant!

How to Test for Spiked Drinks with SipChip

How to Test for Spiked Drinks with SipChip

1. SipChip works in over 100 liquids – alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages! It’s small and easy to utilize by popping a drop of your drink liquid onto the SipChip via your finger or a straw to test for drugs.  This test is gender neutral too – men or women can use it to determine if their drink has been drugged.

How to Test for Spiked Drinks with SipChip

2. Processing time varies based on the liquid, and results can start to be visible in as quick as 30 seconds! It’s kind of like a pregnancy test as lines will show up after the test — if you have 2 lines you are safe and there are no drugs detected in your liquid. If you have only 1 line, then it means that your SipChip detected chemicals

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 12.26.49 PM

3.  Check results! There is a ‘key’ on the face of the UC test medallion that helps the user determine if the drink is “bad” or “good.” With quick results, you’ll quickly know if it’s safe to take a sip of your drink or to ditch it if it is tainted.

Be Safe. Be Prepared. Arm Yourself & Your Daughters with SipChip.

How to Test for Spiked Drinks with SipChip

Key features of the SipChip™ include:

  • Greatest Breadth: Detects commonly used drugs for spiking drinks in the greatest number of beverages. Drugs that it can detect include widely recognized names such as Flunitrazepam (“Roofies”), Alprazolam (Xanax) and Diazepam (Valium), as well as Midazolam (Versed), Oxazepam (Serax), and Temazepam (Restoril).
  • Highest Sensitivity: On average it only requires 1/4th of the dose of the drug to be detectable.
  • Fastest Results: Results generally start to appear in as little as 30 seconds.
  • Most Reliable: Assay reliability and confidence is greater than any presumed competitors with 99.3 percent reliability supported by over 12,000 medallions tested.

Scary Stats about Sexual Assault After Being Drugged

These stats are scary. During college and in my 20’s while in bars or at parties, I know I was always super conscientious about watching my drink be poured, and never leaving a drink unattended, for fear of someone spiking it. Hearing these recent stats, I feel like you can never be too carful about what you drink and that women must be prepared. SipChip is the perfect way to test a drink quickly and easily!

Check out these stats about drug facilitated sexual assault:

1 in 10 women are impacted and in a study of college students, nearly 1 in 13 reported being drugged!


According to a study by the U.S. Department of Justice drug-facilitated sexual assault (DFSA) and sexual assault while incapacitated and unable to provide consent, is a widespread problem affecting nearly 1 in 10 women. A  2016 study in the Psychology of Violence Journal found that more than 1 in 13 students reported being drugged and 1.4 percent reported incidents of drugging someone.

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Reduce the Risk of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault & Use SipChip

Thoughts from the CEO of Undercover Colors, the team behind SipChip.

“Protection is not acceptance,” said Barbara Cook, CEO of Undercover Colors. “Drugging someone’s drink without their knowledge is a crime. But that doesn’t stop it from happening at colleges, bars, nightclubs, and hotels around the world. While we know the SipChip doesn’t solve the issue of sexual assault, we feel strongly that our science is a tool that can be used to promote safety. We’re responding to the real challenges of today by empowering people with information while pushing for a future where these types of crimes don’t happen.”

How to Test for Spiked Drinks with SipChip

 Note: This post is sponsored by SipChip. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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