How to Throw a Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

Ideas galore! Want to throw a Fancy Nancy birthday party?  Here are some neat ideas to throw a special soiree for your little girl and her fancy friends. Check out our tips on How to Throw a Fancy Nancy Birthday Party below.

How to Throw a Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

How to throw a Fancy Nancy birthday party

These cute photos with decorating ideas and games are  from a recent party my 5 year old daughter attended. The girls all got fancy in their fave princess attire to attend!

The party in a nutshell:  think manicures, crafts, tea sandwhiches, purple & pink M&M’s, games like “pin the clutch” on the purse, a birthday cake shaped like a purse, sparkling placemats, and more.

Finish it all off with a Fashion Show on a runway for all the parents when they arrive to pick up their children at the end of the fete. Seriously cute and too much fun! Kenzie had a blast and didn’t stop talking about the party for days.

The girls had manicures at adorable beauty stations.

Then they visited another station to get some “Fancy Nancy” tattoo applications. Mom supplied all the girls with jewelry too!

And one on her face!

The house was decorated and all the balloons were perfect!

As for games, they played Pin the Clutch on the Purse. And a super cute “Hot Potato” style game where a surprise gift was wrapped in paper multiple times – each time the present landed on a little girl when the music stopped, they had to unwrap the gift. Lucky for Kenzie she was the last girl to unwrap the gift – so she was able to take home the surpirse – a Fancy Nancy story!

After just hosting a fabulous 5 yr old bash at a gynastics studio 2 weeks earlier for Mackenzie, I was feeling some major Mommy Guilt about my party planning  inadequacies! This truly was a the cutest birthday party Mackenzie has ever attended.

The Mom who hosted the party even made a homemade cake in the style of a fancy purse. Splendorific!

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