HP ENVY 23 All in One PC Review

The HP ENVY 23 All in One computer is a total space saver that gives you everything you want – without all the wires and tech mess that often go with a desk top computer and large monitor.

We are amazed at the awesomeness of the new HP ENVY 23 All-in-One PC.

So what’s the big deal? A 23 inch monitor with 1080 P clarity is excellent, but what makes this so special is you get that huge monitor with top of the line processing WITHOUT all kinds of crazy wires or giant hardware tower that I’m so used to going along with any type of desktop machine. Available now and priced at only $949.99. A real value in my opinion.

Get an up close look with our demo and video review of the HP ENVY 23 All in One PC here.

The HP ENVY 23 literally only has 1 plug coming out of the back of the machine. That is it. Simple and functional. Everything you want with none of that junk that wastes space. Right now we are getting back to school with this computer by conveniently keeping it in our kitchen. My 1st grader can jump online to read or practice math while I’m cooking dinner. Of course we’re loving the rich sound too so we’re all enjoying listening to Pandora while we’re spending time downstairs in our main living space.

And as expected you have the capacity to video too. This is very cool for Skype so you can now see your long distance friends and relatives on the big screen. Here are the kids calling me with their Dad from his phone on Skype. It is fabulous to see your friends or loved ones on a giant screen.

To recap my favorite features of the HP ENVY 23:

  • 23 inch screen
  • 1080 P clarity -This is a better display than what we have on the TV in our family room!
  • Your choice of the latest Intel or AMD processors
  • Beats Audio
  • Optional HDMI port, Blu-ray2 drive, and TV Tuner14 put a world of entertainment on display
  • Only 1 plug – literally you can set up this computer with only 1 wire. As HP ENVY says, “No mess, no stress!”


Here’s our new computer sitting on my kitchen counter – fits wonderfully and gives us access to everything need in a convenient spot. Back to School is a very hectic time and has been requiring all kinds of online references as our school is Paperless so I love how we are now set to grab what we need easily and quickly. Not to mention I’m blogging from the kitchen on a big screen now!  We love it.

Disclosure: Thanks to HP for sending us the HP ENVY 23 for review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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