HP Sprocket Smartphone Printer Video Review and Demo

Looking for the coolest gift for your tech loving tween or teen? The HP Sprocket is fabulous and Classy Mommy Approved! And Moms and Dad’s you’ll want one for yourself too! ┬áCheck out our HP Sprocket Smartphone Printer Video Review and Demo to see why the Sprocket rocks. Kids love snapping photos and the instant gratification of being able to print a photo directly from your mobile phone is genius! Back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, I remember all of us growing up wanting polaroid cameras so we could instantly print photos. Now, today, withe HP Sprocket Smartphone Printer kids synch up their phones via an app to the HP Sprocket and they can print whatever they’d like directly from their smartphone. It’s really fun for kids with a group of friends, at a family party or to make little photo collage gifts for friends or family. My kids ADORE our Sprocket and it is SO much fun. Even better the quality of the photos your print is top notch.

HP Sprocket Smartphone Printer Video Review and Demo

Here’s the scoop and a bit of a demo from Kenzie. Notice how small the Sprocket is in size. It’s convenient and I love that it is small so it is also easy to take along with you when you are on the go – at a party or sporting event. As for how this brilliant gadget works, the PRINTER paper is actually what contains the INK. Amazing am I right?

The HP Sprocket Smartphone Printer is priced at only $129 and it’s definitely worth it if you want a fun easy solution to print your favorite photos directly from your smartphone.

HP Sprocket Printer Paper

The size of your photos is 2×3 which is super cute. To print, you buy the specific HP Zink Photo paper from HP that is specific to the Sprocket. It’s a bit pricey – think $9.99 for 20 sheets – so about $0.50 per picture you print but obviously this is high technology, instant gratification, and you get a quality photo too.

Look at the gorgeous swimming photo we printed from the Sprocket. Amazing clarity!


Learn more about the HP Sprocket here and you can check out the special Zink Photo Paper too.

Note: Thanks to HP and Mom Select for sending us a sample. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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  1. Amazing technology this HP sprocket is definitely on my need to get list. Incredible to print our memories anywhere. Great review thank you for sharing.

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