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Win it! Thanks to Huggies Live Poo Free Campaign, one lucky Classy Mommy reader will win 5 tubs of Huggies Wipes. Yes, 5 tubs of  those ultra thick wipes I love so much!

What’s the funniest or most obscure place you’ve ever had to change a diaper?

I’ve never had a super unusual diaper change (besides being crammed into an airplane bathroom or those times I had to change a diaper on a super hard floor in bathrooms that had no changing tables & I had forgotten my diaper pad!) but I do habitually change poopers that happen when we’re on the go in the trunk of the car. Kind of weird I know. But…..the public bathrooms creep me out to no end. And the trunk is so roomy for a baby or toddler and at least we know the germs are all our own.

The kids actually seem to enjoy it too! Although, one time, little baby Mackenzie cried out during a change, “Wind, no blow my hiney!” We still quote that classic line of hers all the time anytime we do a trunk change.

1 Winner will be chosen at random. Enter to win by leaving a comment below by August 22nd, 2010 with a comment about the following:

A funny “poo explosion”

•         A funny poo explosion

•         Talk about a time that you needed wipes the most

•         How other kiddos help with diaper changing time/poo explosions

•         Funniest/most obscure place you had to change a diaper

•         First time you or your husband changed a diaper

•         How many times you change diapers daily

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108 thoughts on “Huggies Wipes Giveaway”

  1. I had to change my 3 week old on my lap in the front seat of a car. She had poop in and on everything. Not only did I go through at least 10 wipes I also had to change her clothes and wipe down my hands and legs when I was done.

  2. Funniest/most obscure place was on the table-top of a ice cream parlor (outdoor seating at least)… massive poo’splosion. Me and the kid both lost our outfits to that one. Sorry to the diners after us! I’ve learned better manners since then.

  3. After church one day we were going to eat lunch with my parents. My mom wanted to change my son in the pew instead of walking back to the nursery. Sure enough, as soon as the diaper came off, the pee went flying. Three of us were grabbing wipes and frantically wiping down the pew when the most strict old lady walked around the corner and stared us down. I felt like I was 10 again, getting caught doing something wrong. We all giggled, packed up our stuff, and hurried out.

  4. Remember many times of changing little sister’s diaper….with poo running out around her legs….such sweet memories. 🙂

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  5. We were on our way to my inlaws which is 2 hours away. We started to smell something so we decided to pull over. My husband tried to take our 3 month old out of her car seat, but it wasnt worth it! It was EVERYWHERE! It took us a whole pack of wipes to get everything clean enough to get her back in her seat! We had to smell it the other hour till we got to the inlaws house!

  6. I was changing one of my week old twins and while the diaper was off, the strangest sound came out of her little but and poop sailed through the air and hit the wall on the opposite side of the changing table. Now that was a poop explosion. It was a good three feet away!!!!

  7. We have had many diaper changes over the past few years but the worst was trying to change the baby on an airplane…the bathroom was way to slow so I used my husband as my own changing table.

  8. My 1 month old sprayed poop all over my outfit and the carpet of her room once. Such a little person sprayed poop a few feet!

  9. We had what can only be described as a poop explosion in Fresh Market yesterday. It was everywhere! It was really embarrassing and I felt so bad!

  10. A few years back our daughter had just gone so I cleaned her up and gave her a nice bath. Went to dry her off, got her a fresh diaper but a few seconds later she went again…but it was so much that the diaper sort of exploded and came undone…so much for the bath…back to the drawing board…what a mess!

  11. As much as I love good poop story, I’ll just comment that I use AT LEAST 10 baby wipes per day at my house. I’d love to win some 🙂

  12. The first time my husband changed a diaper our daughter decided she would not only poop on him but also pee everywhere! My poor husband looked at me holding his hands in the air and said, “I think we need to call the nurse… now!”

  13. I give my 5 year old and 2 year old a bath together with tons of bubbles. My 5 year old starts screaming at the top of his lungs get me out of here get me out of here!! I don’t understand what is wrong. Poop!! Poop in the tub and I can’t see it because of the bubbles so I think he is making it up while by now he is frantic so I start draining the water and sure enough the tub is full of poop. But now I can’t stop laughing my husband had to come in and save my son from the Poop!!

  14. The funniest diaper changing story was when we were at the lake.I’m pregnant now. My babies father and I took my nephew to the lake for the first time. He loved it! It was a hot day so he only had on a shirt and the diaper. I must have took my eyes off of him for just a second when he came running towards me bottomless. I was laughing because it was funny but I was embarrassed too so I quickly looked around to see who else if anybody saw his naked booty!

  15. The first time I ever changed a diaper was my sons. The first day we brought him home from the hospital he peed all over me, the bed, and his hospital pictures! I was so shocked it was funny!

    vflores03 at gmail dot com

  16. We just had our beautiful newborn daughter Kaitlyn!! Of course family and friends came to visit at the hospital when our precious beauty decides to go #2! My mother said “we should let daddy change her first diaper” He took up for the challenge and I think he regrets it til this day cause he only change the “wet” ones!! He begins to take the diaper off and see’s the present she had left for her daddy and we all know that a newborns poopie is the worst(well in my opinion it is lol) but he starts to gag and we almost thought he was going to high tail it to the bathroom, but he finished the job even though it took him awhile!!

  17. I had a c-section so my DH had to change the first few diapers in the hospital. Boy was he surprised when our little girl peed all over him!

  18. Once I went to get my son out of bed and I picked him up and got poop all over my arm, then tried laying him down to get him changed and the was already up to my elbow, up to his shoulder, down to his knee, and ALL of his clothes (and then the floor.) FUN.

  19. When we took my daughter on her first flight at 5mos, she had one of those poop explosion that instantly starts seeping up her back, all over her clothes and all over me! We raced her down the aisle to the washroom, only to find that our flight didn’t have a change table on it… so we ended up having to balance her on the toilet seat lid while we tried to clean up the mess!! Good times….

  20. I haven’t had any poo experiences yet. I am currently pregnant with our first baby. This would really come in handy for my future poo experiences!

  21. a time I needed wipes the most is when i was babysitting my friend’s little one actually. it was the middle of the night. we ran out of wipes when he’d gone poop and we had to use napkins until my dad could run out and get more wipes. I felt so bad for him. we were all crazy tired too hahaa

  22. My husband decided to change my daughter’s FIRST poop diaper in the hospital-ugh…what a disgusting mess! We quickly called for the nurse!

  23. A time when I needed wipes the most was when my son decided to have 10, yes 10, poopy diapers on the 4th of July when we were at a family outing. I ended up having to use paper towels after the 6th diaper change and we had to leave the party early!

  24. Poo Exlplosion: My son wasn’t feeling well and his diaper showed it. It was squirting out the sides and all the way his back. It was terrible and the smell wouldn’t go away FOREVER!

  25. Poo Explosion: My daughter made one of those “cute” I’m pooping noises while my friend was holding her. I said, oh, time to change her, and I began to do so on the floor but then I noticed the poop was up her back, on my hands, on the floor, on my friend, etc. It was really funny and now my friend tells others about my daughter, she’s cute and then she poops on you, lol.

  26. I have a five year old son, so I haven’t changed diapers in awhile. But that doesn’t mean diaper wipes don’t come in handy. This summer, popsicles and summer picnics, spills in the car, and spilled juice all cleaned up using diaper wipes. They are awesome for any stain!!

  27. My newborn is a poop king! I’ve never seen a baby poop so much. I bet we are blazing through at least 10 to 15 diapers per day.

  28. Prior to being a mom myself I was on a road trip with my brother and his family. I was sitting back by one of his girls when we smelled something awful. I lifted one of her legs and the poo just came oozing out everywhere. WE didn’t want it to get on her carseat so things got messy!! We quickly pulled over and got things cleaned up, but it was quite icky watching it ooze out the side of her diaper.

  29. My older kids help out with poo explosions by barely holding onto the stinky diaper with two fingers and plugging their nose with one hand as they carefully walk it to the outside garbage.

  30. I change about 13 diapers a day! I go through a box of diapers (the 100 ct box) a week and the big packs of huggies wipes (3 refill packs) a week!

  31. My little one is due in Jan. However I remember my little sister being the poop queen! I swear every time you would get her cleaned up she would go again! It was like she couldn’t wait to get clean to get dirty again!

  32. got to love when they learn to take there own diapers off! I had to wash all the crib bedding, the crib, and the walls! GROSS!!!!!

  33. I walked into my children’s room at the end of nap time one day. All three of my children were sitting on their own beds using wipes on their baby dolls. Oh did I mention they each had their own wipes box and actual diapers. Then when I asked the youngest if the baby was dirty, she stood up and turned her bottom to me and tried to pull her diaper at the same time telling me “yep, baby dirty.”

  34. my mom had just flown in from Alaska to see her new little grandbaby – I went to change my daughter on her changing table & my mom came with me & we were talking & I opened my daughters diaper and she proceeded to squirt poo all up & down my mom – she was covered in poo! It happend so fast – it was quite funny & made for a very messy clean up!

  35. I watch my 3 grandchildren. It was 3 under 3 for a while. The youngest just turned 1 yesterday.
    At this point in my life I am either too old or something because I need diaper wipes at all times and in all rooms….lol!

  36. My poo explosions always happen when my little guy has an expensive outfit on. Then it ends up staining because I am in a place where I can not get it clean right away.

  37. Well, actually, my hubby and I are currently looking FORWARD to the first time we will change our little ones diapers. We are expecting a baby, and this would be a great addition to our stockpile of baby goods! I’m sure we will have lots of great stories once the baby is here!

  38. Got a couple –
    My 6 month old son made the “poopy noise” and my mom told me to run him to the changing table before it got on his clothes and I’m like – he’s fine mom! Not even a minute later, his whole outfit was COVERED!
    The other day, my 2 year old said that he had pee pee in his dipes!!!! We were walking in to Albertsons so I just tried to hurry up and finish so I could just change him at home. We finished shopping and I went to put him in the carseat and there was poo all over the strap of his carseat. Turns out, he had completely exploded everywhere – all over his back, shirt, pants, carseat..Everywhere! Poor kid had to be changed in the van and was standing in the middle of the albertsons parking lot in just a diaper..awwwwwwww lol

  39. My almost 5 month old recently had a massive blowout – poop all through her onesie and outfit, herself, and our carpet. Took tons of wet wipes to clean up the mess. I love wet wipes

  40. Oh my, when my daughter was little little I was changing her and she had an ick belly since birth while we worked out the formula situation. So I was working her legs back and forth into the bicycle position to get some gas out and there was a huge poo-splosion! I was covered from my neck to my knees. I was thinking it would have been a nice time to have a grease splatter screen! 🙂

  41. I nursed our kids but with our first no one told us about the tar look to begin with but then we got home it started to turn a mustard yellow. We had no idea it would look like that or have a sweet smell so we called the hospital and they told us it was normal. We felt so embarased.

  42. Hmmmm…. We love baby wipes around here, and Huggies are the fave! We are actually potty training my son right now, but I use more wipes now than I have in the months before we started potty learning! They are great for cleaning him up after an accident. We are hoping to add another baby to our family soon, so we will need a constant supply of wipes!

  43. I change diapers about 5 times a day. It never gets old either. Toddle poop is such a change! lol

    melissa.raab (at) yahoo (dot) com

  44. Funny – not so much then but now. My daughter had a blow out in her carseat. My husband took her out of the carseat and never noticed the poo in the carseat. So… the next day he proceeded to put her back in the carseat and get her covered in poo. Not only was he so oblivious to miss it the first time but he missed it the second time until he saw poo on her. I’m still trying to figure out how considering it was on the cover, buckles, & straps. MEN!

  45. I love my husbands first diaper change. We had a little girl & he was already nervous & didn’t know about the “tar” poop. He about passed out. Lol

  46. I’m a SAHM My now 2 year old was moving aroung the house she kept saying (i stink) in baby language, she tried to clean herself up-when i went in the bathroom- there was poop everywhere, i mean everywhere.A great big mess

  47. I just got through changing my little one, cleaned the kitchen then decided that it was bath time. I was already up stairs, his brother helped Collin up the stairs and in coming into the room he stopped and patted his bottom. It was dripping down his leg, totally full…I changed his yet again then headed back downstairs for a little bit. He stopped three times on the stairs and pointed to where it had oozed out. Smart boy!

  48. I have to change at least 10 diapers a day! The biggest mess I have had to clean up would be the time my little one decided to take off his diaper for me…. he had little droplets of poo leading a trail to where he was!

  49. A friends husband wanted to help take care of the new baby. We all was said and done there was poop on the table, the wall, the baby, everywhere. That is one way to not have to change the diapers anymore.

  50. A funny “poo explosion” We were at a restaurant eating dinner and my 2 year old suddenly had diarrhea so bad that it leaked all over the booth seat. Man it was such a mess!


  52. My little girl use to take her own diapers off at night. We never knew what kind of mess we would wake up to. FInally we had an idea…Put her sleeper in backwards and tape the Guess what..IT WORKED 🙂

  53. My “funniest” (only in retrospect) poo story….

    It was Easter Sunday and my husband and I had nursery duty with our 1 year old and the rest of the 1 year olds at our church (including a few visitors). Since I was the only female in the room (teenagers and husband’s can’t change diapers), I got diaper duty.

    The teen helping brought me the visitor and she was covered in poop. I take her poo covered dress off of her and rinse it as best as I can and put it in a bag. Then go to change her diaper. It’s clean. Um….
    Just as I discovered this, the teen brings me ANOTHER little girl Easter dress covered in poo. Repeat. Change her diaper. It’s clean, too.

    Then we discovered the culprit. My son. He had been teething and got all four eye teeth and had a MASSIVE blowout and had been playing in the most popular toy in the room — which apparently all these little girls played in afterwards.

    So, I change my son. My sister came and picked him up and took him home. I had to send two little girls home (one visitor) in their tights and shoes – dressless. Probably on their way to Easter Brunch and Easter Egg hunts and after church photo shoots.

    The little girl that went to our church’s mom ended up being our realtor. I told her I owed her.

    We haven’t signed up for Easter Sunday nursery duty since…

  54. I think our biggest diaper explosion was when my daughter was about 3 months old and sitting in her bouncy/vibrating seat! She was breastfed too, so it was extra messy! LOL All over the seat, her clothes, me, my SIL (my brother and family) were staying with us for a week! I told my SIL it was payback from when they first came with my nephew who was then 18 months to stay with us. We ate out at a chinese restaurant and he had a HUGE diaper explosion and I ended up with poop up my arm! I didn’t have any kids then and my big brother thought it was hilarious!

  55. I think the funniest ‘poo’ incident we have had around here was when my youngest {now 5} was around a year old. I had him and his big brother in the bath tub together. The youngest pooped in the tub and I thought my oldest would have a stroke. He screamed and cried. I felt bad for him, but his reaction was so comical, I couldn’t help but giggle.

  56. I hate the poo explosions, which is one reason I’m so glad I use cloth diapers. We get poo leaks EVERY time I use disposables–including leaking all over herself and my husband last time we were at Disneyland–and I’m always so happy to get home to my cloth diapers!

  57. I can not convince my oldest (almost 4) to give up his diapers. So between him, my 2 yr old daughter and my new infant, I change about 15 diapers a day. Uggh!

  58. I work in a newborn nursery at the hospital so I have changed LOTS of diapers in my time. I will never forget the time when I was weighing a baby and I picked him up to put him back in his crib and he pooped down my arm and into my scrub pocket. He is lucky I didn’t drop him. I had a pocketful of poop which made it interesting when I took my scrub top off. I was very careful not to get it anywhere else on me. Thank god for hospital provided scrubs so I could change into something clean. Lesson learned- always diaper the baby on the scale before putting them back in their crib!!!

  59. I have been changing diapers for 6.5 years straight. When my oldest turned 2 I had twins, so for a year I had 3 in diapers. Then, I went down to 2 in diapers for 2 years when I had my 4th. So I was back up to 3 in diapers for about 6 months. Now I have one in diapers and as much as I want to train him NOW, I realisticly have another year to go.

  60. Thanks for the opportunity to relive that explosive moment. When my first child was born, and my family was in town to meet her, we all went to church together. I thought it might be easier to sit up in the balcony so that we could make a quick exit if she decided that church wasn’t her thing. However, it didn’t work out as planned. During a very quiet moment of the sermon, my breastfed daughter decided to explode. The sound was unmistakable as she let loose for the whole parish to hear. Not only that but her diaper could not hold it in and I found out my blouse was covered in yellow poo. Now that baby is thirty years old and expecting my first grandbaby. I hope she reads this and that we win the wipes to get her prepared for her first explosion.

  61. The first week we brought our little boy home, I was changing his diaper. I pulled his diaper off and he had very loose stools. He went all over my shirt, socks and floor. I knew I was a mom at that momment. 🙂

  62. my son would go all the time. I breast fed, so I’d change him in between sides, before after I was done, he always went again..just never could get a break with the diapers!!

  63. In the middle of the night, I was changing my one week old daughter in my bed since she was sleeping in the bassinett next to our bed….poop explosion all over me! I had to wake up my husband for reinforcements to clean up!!

  64. I think the funniest time we had a “poo” problem was with my son. H was all of 3 months and sitting in his bouncy seat. I went to pick him up and he felt damp. I took back to the bedroom because he was sleeping and I was going to try and change the diaper in his bed. I put him in the bed and looked down. I had poo all over the front of me, all over him and it was now all over the crib. I took the diaper and clothes off and put them on the floor on top of a towel. I began cleaning him and me up and then looked down. There was the dog eating the poo…. Ewww… I’m still grossed out, but it is pretty funny in retrospect.

  65. my baby is a busy boy.. I have a problem with him removing his diapers, so he wears pants or a onesie shirt! One day he removed his diaper and brought me a spoon with poo in it! There is was all over the floor, several spoons dug in it, it was hilarious..

  66. We woke up one morning and things were really quiet. Our daughter is usually talking (babbling) and playing so we went in her room to see what she was doing. When we walked in she turned around with a big grin on her face an no diaper on. She decided to take it off herself and there was poop EVERYWHERE. And by everywhere, I mean everywhere!

  67. My family and I traveled from Nashville, TN to Indianapolis, IN for my grandmothers 90th birthday. It was a nice long ride – everyone was so excited to see our new addition. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot at my grandmother’s, my mom took the baby out of the van to snuggle her and ended up getting poo all over her hands and arms. Baby Claire had managed to have quite the in-van accident that had traveled up her back on all over her brand new “fancy family outfit”. We put the outfit in the wash but there was unfortunately no hope – stained 🙁 but gives a fun family story!!

  68. I will NEVER forget the time I was at the Mall when my son was an infant,(and I was a 1st time Mom) and he had such a diaper explosion….I didn’t know how I was going to clean him since I HATE public changing tables. I decided to go into Lord and Taylor because I knew they would be the “cleanest” rest room in the Mall….lol
    Well…it was “clean” but I just couldn’t lay him down on table without a changing pad….which of course I had forgotten at home. I actually changed him holding him in a standup position with one hand while I attempted to clean this mess off of him and change him. IDK how I did it but I was so exhausted after that one. lol

  69. Most of the time we change our son’s diaper about five times a day. He typically only poops once a day, so that’s nice…although sometimes it’s a BIG mess! 🙂 I hope I win because Huggies is the only brand that we use for wipes at our house!!!

  70. First time my husband held a baby, there was one of those diaper explosions that goes all the way up the back and all down the legs! He wanted to know how something that small could produce that much poop and I just laughed and laughed!

  71. I’m not sure I can laugh yet. I have four girls – the oldest is eight. My ‘baby’ girl is all grown up at the ripe age of two. She is getting better and better at toilet training.

  72. The first time I changed a diaper as an adult (I have younger brothers and sisters and was asked many times when I was younger to do so), it wasn’t even my own child! I was visiting a friend who had delivered via c-section hours earlier. Since she couldn’t get out of bed, I offered to change her baby’s diaper. I opened the diaper and to my surprise, the poo was dark and black! (of course, this was pre-my own baby days…I had no idea!) Though thoroughly grossed out, I willingly opened the diaper and started wiping. Little did I know that baby was not done yet. Poo continued to flow freely, and quickly for that matter. Soon, it was all over the baby holder, sheets, and her clothes. I yelled out, “Help me!” in desperation. The only response I got was laughter from the nurse, other visitors, and of course, my friend the mother. We forever remember my inability to change baby’s first diaper. What a classic, and priceless, memory!

  73. I hate having to change my toddlers diapers when we are in a public restroom that has no changing center. i end up having to change her while she is standing…which is really fun when she is covered in poo…!

  74. I am entering for my BFF! She has a daughter turning 4 on August 22. She has twin daughters that are 1 1/2 and is expecting a son in December. She can use ALL the wipes she can get. I think she deserves them!!!!

  75. My son and daughter (3 and 2) were in the tub playing. I was cleaning up the rest of the bathroom. I kept telling Em not to drink the water over and over. I turned around and reaized her brother had pooped in the water she was drinking. Gross!!

  76. The first time my husband changed a diaper was when my son was 1 day old, it was hilarious! He tried to hold his nose and change him at the same time, he figured out that didn’t work, so he started gagging every 2 seconds! I sooo wish I had it on film!

  77. I JUST got my almost three year old poo trained! It took a few months of cleaning up poopy panties, but thank goodness it is behind us now! She would pee in the potty but refused to poop there. If anyone else has this problem, wrapping a “present” for her to open afterwards worked! It can be any little treat, wrapped up nicely and sitting out as a reminder. We went through about ten “presents” before it was over with. Good luck!

  78. My first “poo” experience was most definitely the most memorable!!! …

    It was our third day home with our newborn son, Kaden, and we had been so worried about him not pooping since we got home!!! My hubby and I were both sitting on the couch, watching our evening shows, while I nursed. all of a sudden we heard a “POP”!!! We both just looked at each other, unsure of what the noise was… We determined that it must have come from the baby (who was still happily nursing!!)… So when he finished eating we both reached to explore the nature of the mysterious noise. To which we discovered it was “poop”… everywhere… and not just any “poop”… it was a muconium disaster area!!! We were overjoyed!!! He had finally pooped at home!!! So we swooped up our cute little poopy mess and headed to the changing table, both of us just relieved that he was pooping again, and proceeded to clean him up… We took off his soiled clothes and started wiping… and wiping… and wiping… at this point Kaden is screaming and flailing in protest of the operation, and my hubby and I are sprinkled with the stuff up to our elbows! … Still smiling and laughing, we get him all cleaned up. My hubby reaches for the diaper on stand-by in my hand… and he pee’s on us too!!! As if the “poop” weren’t enough?!

    Needless to say… I’ll never forget that moment!!!:D


  79. The worst poo explosion we ever had was with my first son. We were taking a two hour drive over to San Antonio and stopped about halfway to get a drink at a little local restaurant. I decided to change the baby while we were stopped, because we thought we smelled a little something. So, I reach down to unclip him and got a hand covered in poo. The diaper had shifted to the side, so that all of the poop went out into the carseat and all over the baby and carseat buckle. We had no change of clothes for him, so we just wiped him and the seat up as best we could and he rode the rest of the way with just a diaper on and papertowels lining his seat (because it was wet from scrubbing with wipes). I always remembered to bring extra changes of clothes from then on!

  80. my son had a big poo explosion..i think if i had timed it it would have been 2 minutes after i got him ready for his baptism..needless to say he needed a quick change..but then i looked down and so did i..we got to church just in time
    nannypanpan at

  81. We were at a birthday party at my brothers house and all the family was there. My sweet little baby girl was laying on daddy’s chest and had a major poo mishap and poo’d all over herself and daddy’s shirt!

  82. There was one time i was in Olive Garden and my son had a bad poo explosion i took him to the restroom to change him when i placed him on the changing table and removed his diaper he was not done yet when i mean not done i didnt have time to cover him when he pushed his poop was all over the floor, wall and changing table i didnt know what to do. I finally decided I counldn’t clean it up myself and spoke to an employee. They were pretty helpful! But I felt so ashamed I havn’t been to Olive Garden since and that was in 2004

  83. Right now, I’m diapering our 2 months old. My older 3 kids always want to see what’s inside his dirty diaper – kind of strange! Currently I’m changing 6-10 diapers a day!

  84. I have an older kid who is 7years old and he always wants to help with diaper changing but as soon as i open that diaper and sees poop he don’t want to do it becuase he says he will get his hands dirty,so he uses like 6 wipes just to clean baby up…

  85. I have a 10 month old little boy and have been through so many baby wipe brands. When I came across Huggies Natural Care I was hooked. They are thicker and clean really well. They are not just dripping with liquid like other brands and that was a plus for me. We really would love to win the baby wipes.

  86. Oh, eggs make it terrible! The first time my lo had eggs, DH had the lucky turn of changing the diaper. It was full from front to back. Then he started singing “Baby has a diedie like why oh why…baby has a diedie make a grown man cry…” to the tune of that Usher song that came out a while ago (we heard it on American Idol).

  87. My husband was changing our beautiful baby girl for the first time and she wasn’t quite finished, she shot poo right at him and it landed right on his shirt, too funny but he was a good sport and got both of them cleaned up with lots of wipes!

  88. hmm funniest place changed a diaper would be in a hotel hallway locked out of our room.

    first time daddy changing a diaper he gagged for ever til I had to take over LOL

    we use wipes ALL THE TIME in the car, on the go..everywhere.. use 2-10 wipes a day even as kids get older!

  89. I’m still changing my toddler’s diapers and I’m not happy about it. She’s 2 1/2 yrs. old and stubborn. So I still need these wipes! 😉

  90. This is my 3rd pregnancy and the only one that has made it pasted 1st trimester. We just found out 3 days ago that everything is looking great and that we are having a little baby girl. We are very excited for are first child but in all the trying to have a baby we lost track of saving for one thinking that it may never happen because of our past luck. We are very grateful to finally be pregnant but we our definitely finding out how much a baby cost the hard way.

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