Hyundai Hope on Wheels Helps Kids Fight Cancer #EndChildhoodCancer

Hyundai Hope on Wheels Helps Kids Fight Cancer! Yay!!! I love companies that support amazing causes that make a huge impact on the world. Hyundai is making an incredible difference in the realm of Pediatric Cancer research via Hyundai Hope on Wheels, a non-profit organization devoted to funding pediatric cancer research.  Did you know that every time a Hyundai vehicle is sold, both Hyundai and its U.S. dealers make a donation to Hyundai Hope on Wheels??? So far $130 million dollars has been WOW!!!

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and for some many of us this cause is near and dear to our hearts. In our own community I know 3 children who have battled pediatric cancer. This is heartbreaking to watch and hopefully with more awareness and research, doctors will be able to cure more and more individuals and make their journey easier.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 12.40.41 PMWhat is Hyundai Hope on Wheels

Hyundai Hope On Wheels uses the money they raise to fund discovery – which is basically granting money to research centers that are trying to find cures and treatments to pediatric cancer.

So far, as of 2017, $130 million has been awarded to groundbreaking research institutes across the country for them to fund this life-saving research. WOW!!!

Every time a Hyundai vehicle is purchased, Hyundai and its U.S. dealers make a donation to Hyundai Hope On Wheels. This organization raises awareness about Pediatric Cancer and funds incredible life-saving research to battle this heartbreaking disease. Cancer is horrible but nothing is as terrible as a child battling cancer! IMG_2039

Grant Programs for Life-saving Research

Hyundai Hope On Wheels truly makes a big impact when it comes to Pediatric cancer. Both in creating awareness about pediatric cancer along with awarding large grants to those doctors and premiere research centers who are striving to find cures and better treatments via their  life-saving research.

In 2016 alone, Hyundai Hope On Wheels donated $13 million in research grants across the United States. Grants typically range from $50 thousand to $1 million, and more. Now that’s some big money!

Dinner at the Franklin Institute with Hyundai Hope on Wheels

This month, to raise awareness and donate grants, Hyundai Hope on Wheels hosted a stunning event at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. With CHOP in Philly, some amazing work towards finding more treatments and cures for pediatric cancer is always happening – but it takes money to fund this work. Thankfully, Hyundai Hope is Wheels is able to help fund this work with their grants. Hooray!

Take a peek at some photos from their beautiful event.

Photo Credit: Byron Purnell




Look at this grant for $150,000!!!!!


And another for $250,000!!!! WOW!



More Stats about Pediatric Cancer

Did you know that now more than 80% of children with cancer survive???? WONDERFUL news, but obviously with more life-saving research this number can improve too!

The average age of a child diagnosed with cancer is 6 and mortality from child cancer was cut in half from 1975 to 2012. Now that is real progress!!!!!!


Remember, every time a Hyundai vehicle is purchased, Hyundai and its U.S. dealers make a donation to Hyundai Hope On Wheels. Learn more at

Note: This post is sponsored by Hyundai. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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  1. I am a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse in Upsate New York. The Hyundai car was at our facility a few years ago. Some of our patient’s handprints were on it. This is such a wonderful event!

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