I drive like I color: 2013 Hondas pass the test drive

In my latest blog post 4 New Reasons to be a Fan of the 2013 Honda Accord, I left you hanging wondering “how did Bonnie’s test drive go with the 2013 Hondas?” I know the suspense has been killing you, so here’s what happened as we scooter pooted (aka “crusin’ for those not raised in the South) through beautiful, Santa Barbara wine country.

I drive like I color. Seriously. I’m too distracted and impatient to keep inside the lines. So I quickly became familiar with the Lane Departure Warning in my Honda Accord. Basically, if you drift out of your lane, the system will alert you and help focus on your driving. Love this feature!

Another feature that stood out to me was the blind spot navigation. Your camera on the dashboard can automatically give a side camera view to avoid missing any blind spots and give confidence as you switch lanes.

I also loved the spacious leg room in both the front and back seats. When I took the passenger seat for the second half of the trip, I could put my purse at my feet and stretch my legs out for a relaxing drive.

Now I can’t skip telling you about this great stop we made on our way back from our test drive. It makes you want to visit Santa Barbara, right? Or at least get a boat out on this water!

Right now, I don’t have an iPod connector in my car, and I’ve promised myself that I will not get another car unless it has one. That’s my top priority! So you better believe that I was thrilled to stream my Pandora stations right into the speakers of the car. It was a dream come true. Best drive ever!

I also really enjoyed the safety features about the Honda. I know that these cars have all exceeded safety test expectations, but after driving the cars, I was impressed with the added safety components. The airbags were designed to lower risk of injury for children and smaller passengers. Also, seat-belts were designed to ensure proper child seat mounting in the back of the car.

So you may ask, which of the cars did I love the most?! Well, I’m already an Accord fan. It’s been an awesome car for me over the years. And all of the 2013 cars have timeless, beautiful designs. But if I was going strictly on looks, style, and personality, the Coupe just seems to be calling my name. The Accord will be perfect for me if I ever extend my family, but for right now in my life, I’m gonna enjoy this beauty…

 Disclosure: Thanks to Honda for inviting ClassyMommy to cover their press preview of the Honda Accord and paying our travel & expenses to attend this event in Santa Barbara, CA. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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