Ideas to Keep Family Active & On the Go

What fun activities do you do to keep the family active? Prior to having kiddies, my husband and I led such an active lifestyle. Seriously we were non-stop all weekend long from runs in the morning to tennis in the afternoon to evening bike rides. Somehow, as much as kids tire out us parents, it seems the “activity” can easily come to a halt as we’re juggling nap schedules, baths, temper tantrums, non stop play, snacks, and more snacks, and more play. Seriously, I feel like we need to “plan” family outdoor activities that also keep Mom and Dad on the go besides just watching the kiddies race through the sprinkler or hang from the swing set.

Just a few of my fave “family” outdoor activities:

Hiking in the woods behind our house or heading out for real hike at Valley Forge National Park which is just a 2 miles from my house. Kids love exploring on the trails, throwing rocks into the creeks, and keeping an eye out for deer, snakes or any kind of animal.

  • We also enjoy family walks with the stroller on summer evenings just around our block – the fresh air is good for everyone and sometimes it feels nice to just walk off dinner.
  • Catch and basketball in the driveway are fun although feel less “physical” than running, biking or hiking.
  • Walks on the beach when we’re on vacation with our Jog Stroller – one of the best parenting “equipment” investments we’ve ever made
  • Playing Hide & Go Seek or Tag in the Yard
  • Setting up the sprinkler and hose for good old fashioned splashing fun

Our jogging stroller (a Bob Ironman) has been an incredible tool to help keep us active on runs and hikes after having kids. We also bought a Kelty backpack on Craigs List which has been great for tougher hikes that a stroller could not easily navigate. I think our next big purchase to help keep us on the move and active will be both a double jogging stroller and a bike trailer so we can get back to bike riding along the Schuylkill River which is only 2 miles from our house. Hopefully we can also secure those items via Craigs List as seriously that kind of equipment is expensive -but we feel committed to being more active and think it might help all 4 of us get on outdoors and explore even more frequently.

I’d love to hear what cool activities you do as a family to keep everybody moving! Especially if you have any brilliant ideas for the winter as I know living in the Northeast that can be our hardest time of year to get outside and on the go.

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