I’m Off to Welcome Rapunzel to the Disney Princess royal court

London here I come! This time next week, Rapunzel will be officially welcomed into the Disney Princess Royal Court in London at a worldwide star-studded celebration.

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve received my own official royal invite to Kensington Palace to attend Rapunzel’s big party. I can barely contain myself and honestly I was so excited after getting this invite I could hardly sleep and was awake half the night full of anticipation!

Here’s the special invite that will allow me entrance past security at Kensington Palace to participate and report on all the festivities at the royal celebration.

Very cool!

I’m a bit nervous about leaving these cute kids and putting the Atlantic Ocean between us for almost 5 days, but can’t wait to explore London and get up close with all things Disney Princess – and Kensington Palace of course.

It feels like a fairy tale!

At 3 years old Kyle is pretty oblivious to the fact that he’s not invited, but Kenzie, who is almost 6 is for the first time is feeling very left out and sad about not receiving what she imagines to be her own invitation to this special “ball”. She’s longing to join me on my adventure to this foreign country and full of all kinds of questions about the crowning ceremony, meeting Rapunzel, and of course if I will get the chance to chat & get a photo with William and Kate as she has Royal fever like the rest of us.

I promised her to find a very special souvenir for her and that I’ll take “Where’s Waldo” style photos of me everywhere in London so she can experience it all through my eyes – and that I promise to say hi to each and every Disney Princess for her.

For all my friends in the US, we’ll be hosting a Twitter Party at 11 PM EST/9AM PST on Saturday October 1st to talk everything Disney Princess – and Rapunzel of course. I’ll be hosting this live from London after seeing bits of the rehearsal at Kensington Palace as it will be 4 PM London time for me.  Join us with hashtag #TangledTweets – and we’ll be giving away great Disney Princess prizes plus chatting with London and UK Moms as we’ll be simulatenously hosting a party together with the help of well known London Mom blogger – Janis fromReallyKidFriendly.com and on Twitter – @KidFriendly_UK.

And if you live in London – Join the fun! It’s free and everyone is welcome to watch this stellar procession full of horse drawn carriages with every Disney Princess in the court – on Sunday October 2nd at 1 PM.

Janis from London says to arrive early to get a good view as this is the 1st time a Disney Procession will ever take place in central London so everyone will be in on this spectacular event. The procession will start at 1 PM at Queen’s Gate and finish at 1:30 pm at Kensington Palace.  The best place to stand to watch the Disney Princesses is along Mount Walk, near Kensington Palace.

Disclosure: Disney will pay for my travel expenses for me to cover and attend this extraordinary once in a lifetime experience for ClassyMommy.com 

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