The Odd Life of Timothy Green

As a huge Jennifer Garner fan, I was so excited to preview Disney’s new movie, The Odd Life of Timothy Green last week in New York City. The movie is in theaters now and you can check out the “Green Carpet” Premiere photos with Jennifer Garner here – love her – she is so down to earth and real.

Big picture thoughts – I loved this movie. Heartwarming, funny, and a total tear jerker. Timothy Green presents a TON of themes that will keep you thinking long after the movie ends – everything from infertility, to adoption to sibling rivalry to bullying, to trying to fit in, and why it’s our imperfections that really make us all so very special.

The plot runs something like this – Jennifer Garner aka Cindy Green and her hubby have struggled to have children for years but find out it’s never going to happen. They decide to write down their ideas of what their child would be like in pencil on little pieces of paper and bury their unrealized dreams in the backyard. Then crazy magic happens with a wild rainstorm and a little boy- their son named Timothy, sprouts out of their garden overnight. He’s perfect – with the perfectly imperfect qualities his parents imagined their child would have.

While watching the movie, you’re not focusing on the big themes but instead are happily entertained – just the way a movie should be! It’s not until after it seeped in overnight that I realized I just could not get this movie out of my mind. It’s fabulous and definitely worth watching for Parents.

You can get a taste of the movie with this trailer commercial here:

The movie was everything I needed for a girls night out with my friend Whitney after an exhausting non stop 3 days of business functions at BlogHer. A total escape and we even topped off our night mingling with other bloggers at a rooftop party hosted by Disney – complete with Fairy wings!


Disclosure: Thanks to Disney for providing a free screening to this film. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.




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