Inflatable Bubble Bum Booster Seat Video Review

We’re obsessing over the GENIUS invention of the Bubble Bums inflatable booster seats. As a Mom without a MiniVan or a 3rd row in my car,  previously before using Bubble Bums booster seat, I’ve been unable to participate in many carpools as my own 2 children take up the back seat and previously we couldn’t fit in a 3rd car seat. But, with the smaller sized and very convenient Bubble Bums Booster Seat we can now transport 3 kiddos in our SUV.


Perfect for travel, taxis, easily fits into your suitcase and yes this baby fits in the same row as your other car or booster seats so you can fit 3 car seats in the same row. Genius.

A neighbor tipped me off about this hot product and I immediately bought the Bubble Bums Booster seat from Amazon for only $29.

Take a peek at our photos and video – it’s perfect for travel when you need to pack a car seat in your suit case to use in rental cars and super easy to leave in your trunk and inflate as needed for when you need an extra booster seat too. IMG_1195.JPG

Inflatable Bubble Bum Booster Seat Video Review

Installation and inflation are a cinch and all done in a matter of seconds. And it goes without saying, that this car meets all NHTSA and federal safety requirements so I feel comfortable using it with the children I’m driving around town. Hooray! IMG_1197.JPG

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  1. This a great program and I am glad that it is going on this week. All parents need to be aware of Child Safety and I thank you for your many efforts.

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