Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Wow! Check out our Inflatable Hot Tub Review. We are beyond impressed with our brand new inflatable hot tub and it is giving us all so much LIFE and JOY. We’ve got photos, details and video in our Inflatable Hot Tub Review and see why you might want to seriously consider this mini luxury for yourself!

We bought the Intex Pure Spa 6 person Hot Tub and absolutely love it! We give it a rave review from every member of our family. In our Inflatable Hot Tub Review below I’m sharing the scoop on all the details with photos, videos and everything that was included with our hot tub.

Below I also share other options for great inflatable hot tubs in case our model is sold out.

Inflatable Hot Tub Video Review

Inflatable Hot Tub Review

This hot tub has far surpassed every expectation we had for an inflatable “spa”. We’ve been keeping it running at 101 degrees given it’s been a chilly April in the Philadelphia suburbs.

We were lucky and grabbed our 6 person hot tub for only $427. We made each of the kids contribute $100 to the purchase. This way we knew they REALLY wanted it!!!! Plus we know the kids feel vested in the ownership and maintenance going forward. Given the hard economic times we wanted the kids to really be a part of the purchase.

We’ve been relaxing in our hot tub every evening for the past week and it’s marvelous!!!! A total luxury during a stressful and uncertain time in the world. Plus, my kiddos who are competitive swimmers are desperately missing the chlorine so to have this chlorine time in a hot tub is awesome for them. It feels like home!

Inflatable Hot Tub review

The heating system goes up to 104 degrees and there are 140 bubble jets. They feel wonderful!

The Intex Pure Spa comes with a “bubble” like tarp to place your hot tub on and this truly creates a soft surface for sitting. You don’t need any seats in the tub as you relax on the bottom since it’s only 28 inches high overall and the water depth is less than that obviously.

Here’s what the jets look like when you turn them on.

Set Up Details

Set up took my husband about 30 minutes to take it out of the box, inflate and connect the heating unit. It took a bit less than 2 hours to fill the 280 gallon 6 person Hot Tub. Since the water we filled it went in at 54 degrees, it took about 36+ hours to get to 100 degrees as it warms 1-2 degrees per hour.

Inflatable Hot Tub Review Photos

Here’s a series of photos to show you exactly how the tub looks set up on the patio under our deck. We’ve got photos of the heater, cover, and what the tub looks like in general.

You can see we added some ambience with these awesome string lights that are SOLAR and SHATTER PROOF. Hooray!

This is what the cover looks like on the hot tub. We thought we should show you this element and photos of the heater for our inflatable hot tub review!

Connected beneath the tarp cover there is also a giant inflatable that provides extra insulation. You’ll notice the hot tub sits on a small bubble tarp that was also included with our purchase.

A close up view of the heating unit. You’ll need to plug this hot tub into an outlet obviously!

inflatable hot tub heater

Intex Pure Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Product Details

We have the Intex Pure Spa 85 inch 6 person Hot Tub. Our family of 4 fits in the hot tub with tons of extra room as it is very spacious. They also sell a 4 person Intex Pure Spa hot tub.

The Intex Pure Spa comes with:

  • Heater
  • Filters
  • Cover
  • Tarp for below the hot tub
  • Cartridge to hold chlorine tablets in the tub
  • Chlorine test strips.

Other Inflatable Hot Tubs

Coleman, Bestway, and Goplus all sell fabulous looking hot tubs that look like excellent options.

You can click through the photos to take a peek.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa, Green & White – $599

Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub, (6-Person)

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