Inside Look at all the Fun, Fashion & Food at the Philly Mom Mixer

You just can’t beat springtime in Philly. Cherry blossoms blooming on Boat House Row, the Phillies cracking their bats at the ballpark, and the Spring into Summer Social Media Mom Mixer with Lands’ End at the Hyatt Bellevue XIX. A giant thank you to all the brands, attendees, and my littlest helpers who all made this amazing event a success yesterday.

Hosting an event for over 150 guests is definitely a gigantic undertaking – but seeing brands engage with Moms and shower them with content ideas in the way of new trends, styles, products, and advice makes it all worth it. Everyone had a blast and my co-host Whitney and I were thrilled with the turnout.

Take a peek at my quick video recap of the party to see what our Mom Mixer is all about. If you didn’t make it this time, and live in the area, definitely join us for our next Mom Mixer – you’ll love networking in real life with other social media moms.

I couldn’t launch an event like this without the help and support of my family and my co-host and friend Whitney. It literally is a family affair.

The kids love helping us every step of the way and are thrilled to participate in the party the day of the Mom Mixer. Truly, these kids are a giant help! After stuffing gift bags last week with us, both Kenzie and Kyle were so excited about Mom Mixer all week and could NOT wait until Saturday for the big day.

I admit we also assign our husbands a ton of tasks the day of the event – from being our camera men, to doing heavy manual labor of carrying 150 gift bags, putting together step and repeat banners, and running out to Staples for last minute Tech support to insure our events go off without a hitch. We are both SO appreciative of this team effort and feel so lucky to have such supportive families. 

Highlights of the event included Moms engaging with Lands’ End swim suit designers and merchants for personal consults about how to find the exact right suit for their body type and how to build their swimsuit confidence. The range of styles and options for Moms at Lands’ End is incredible. Check out all the swimsuits on display at the Mom Mixer. I love them!

Moms loved getting so much great advice and seeing the huge variety of options offered by Lands’ End.

Plus, all the Mom’s left with these GORGEOUS beach totes.

Koru Dairy came to sample their brand new creamery style “yoghurt” that just launched in the Northeastern part of the US. We love it! It is dessert worthy!

Koru Dairy also set up the coolest photo booth that created animated photos of our guests. Everyone had a ton of fun fooling around in the booth – especially the kids. Everyone got a print of their pics plus could facebook or tweet their animated gif. Too cute.

QVC and Send the Trend created a STTyle Bar where Moms could receive advice on styling themselves with accessories from jewels to scarves to handbags. And all our Moms left with either a new piece of jewelry or a beautiful scarf. Kenzie and I had a blast hanging out in this booth!

Alex’s Lemonade served up Lemonade to all our guests and was able to promote Alex’s foundation for childhood cancer. Everyone loved the brand new Chicken McWraps that McDonald’s was sampling too. Yum! My favorite new flavor is the Crispy Chicken Chili style. So good and super fresh too.

We also raised $500 for Save the Children thanks to Johnson’s Baby Cares program – guests were able to craft a card with words of encouragement or a special thank you to a special Mom in their life – to trigger a $1 donation to Save the Children. Aren’t the cards cute? This was a really fun activity for the kids and a chance for Moms to get creative as well.

Starting April 29th, 2013 – Johnson’s Baby Cares will have a program on Facebook where people can make virtual cards for a Mom – and each card made will trigger a $1 donation to save the Children – up to $150,000! Amazing program right? Here is a sweet card that Kenzie made – she made a handful for me and my two best friends who are her pseudo-Aunts – Aunt Kelli and Aunt Allison. She was thankful that I take her to the bus stop everyday. Very sweet.

Colored denim and capri denim are hot trends right now and we had 2 stylists in town from Lee Jeans to hook Moms up with the PERFECT fit and go home with a pair of Lee Jeans that were just right for their body type.

Let me tell you, these ladies were genius. In all of 45 seconds, she handed me 3 pairs of jeans that fit perfectly. Ankle length with zippers  – skinny style (because I’m too short for regular jeans!) in a bold coral and classic denim along with the cutest pair of cropped denim jeans that she said would be perfect with flip flops for a casual kicking around the house or town kind of day. I love them!

Thanks again to all of our sponsors and wonderful Mom guests for celebrating Spring Into Summer with us.


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