Inside Pixar: Orientation at Monsters University #MonstersUEvent

Photos & Video. Dream day! Last night I had Orientation for Monsters University at the Pixar campus. Stepping foot in the hallways felt like walking on hallowed ground. Literally the place where all the magic and stories we love are created. Incredible. Truly it gave me chills thinking about the magic.

Orientation for Monsters University – which begins today – WOOHOO!!!!! — was complete with getting a photo taken for my Student ID and seeing a sneak peek of a full 40 minutes of the new movie Monsters University hitting theaters on June 21st. The movie is FABULOUS – I can’t wait to share more about it and our trip in the weeks to come. Until then – here is a sneak peek at a video of the main atrium at Monsters University and some cool photos from orientation. What a trip!






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  1. Monsters Inc. is my son’s favorite movie!We pretty much know the script by heart around here 🙂 So we are pretty excited for Monster’s U! Looks like a fun experience for you, thanks for sharing!

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