Inside Scoop: Interview with Santino Fontana who plays Prince Hans in FROZEN #DisneyFrozenEvent

I love chatting with voice cast in animated films to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to be part of the movie making process. Here’s my interview with Santino Fontana who plays Prince Hans in Disney’s FROZEN.

He’s one busy guy as right now he’s also starring as Prince Charming on Broadway in New York City in the Cinderella musical.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the movie Prince Hans has a special role that is discussed at the bottom of this post!

Q : How did you start your Broadway career?  Were you in elementary productions?

SF : Yes. From an early age I loved it. I forced my family to do a Thanksgiving play in our garage, and I was the turkey in pre-school.

I also played baseball.  I mean, I was a big baseball player.  I loved baseball and I always did both, but I always liked bringing people together and telling a story that kind of united them.  That’s kind of always been my thing even I was a little kid.

On Santino’s Choice of Girl – Would he date ANNA or ELSA?

Disney Frozen Characters

SF : That’s tricky.  I  like Anna a lot.  I think Anna, I feel like Elsa, no, there’s too much going on there! That is too complicated.  I’m sure there’s someone out there for Elsa, but I don’t know who.  I mean, you’ve got the magic stuff and then she’s got some emotional stuff, you know.  She’s not that eager to look into it. But I like her,  I’d want to be friends with her out of fear that she would like make me freeze if I didn’t! 

 I like all girls, but I think I would go with Anna.Yeah, definitely, definitely.  Yeah, because, yes, yes!  Totally.


On Why Santino Fontana Wanted to Star in a Disney Animation

SF : ‘Cause I would be a doll!

No, that was a surprise.  II loved Aladdin as a kid and I remember, seeing all those movies. I remember the day we  my family and my family’s friends, we all went to see Little Mermaid, and I remember going to all those great Disney movies and being obsessed with them.  I remember being obsessed with Robin Williams in Aladdin.  And so the idea to be a part of that Disney family is so exciting.

Spoiler Alert:

Initially, Prince Hans is seen as the “Prince Charming” figure and Anna falls head over heals in love upon first glance and dance. As the movie progresses, and Elsa freezes summer, Anna leaves Princes Hans in charge of the Kingdom of Arandelle. Sadly, for Anna, Prince Hans always had another more evil agenda. Yikes!

I don’t want to give too much away about what happens afterwards in case you didn’t see the film, but here’s Santino’s thoughts on his role reversal.

Did you know Prince Hans would be the bad guy?

SF : Well, here’s what’s tricky.  You don’t really get this, I didn’t get the script. I didn’t know the whole story, which is a testament also to Disney is that the big secret that you saw last night, that we can’t really talk about, is that no one knew!  And we’ve been doing this for four years. To keep that under wraps is a very, you know, complex undertaking, what they do very well.  And that goes as far as not even really letting me know what was going to happen!

Santino Fontana’s Thoughts on the Movie FROZEN

After seeing the movie on November 9th with the cast together, he commented that, “I think we all realize, all the actors, that we’re part of something that will be around for a very long time. And we’re all really proud.”

I agree as FROZEN instantly has become a Disney classic in my mind and in the minds of my children. We are all FROZEN obsessed and can’t stop listening to the soundtrack either. Now I’m waiting and wondering if FROZEN will be coming to Broadway!

Santino was a real charmer and we loved chatting with him. Here’s our group of blogger posing with the handsome prince.

Santina Fontana Frozen Interview

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Note: Thanks to Disney for paying our travel expenses to attend the Frozen premiere and press event.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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