Inside Scoop on Survivor from Host Jeff Probst #SURVIVOR #BrainsBrawnBeauty

We are falling in love with Survivor all over again! Our interview with Jeff Probst is one of our FAVORITE interviews EVER!

Survivor is the perfect show for families to watch together and now I love watching it with my kids – ages 10 and 8 – who are now obsessed with Survivor too.  Yesterday, I sent my writer Bonnie to cover an interview with Survivor host, Jeff Probst, and a very special premiere screening of the upcoming season filmed on the island Kaôh Rōng in Cambodia – themed “Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty.” The new season airs tonight on CBS at 8 pm.

Survivor has been on for 16 years and is about to air it’s 32nd season tonight. The formula works! It’s compelling and new every season.  You can’t make this stuff up and never know what to expect. I love it! Meeting host Jeff Probst was great – he is genuine and passionate with his love of the game.

Jeff Probsts Shares Thoughts & Answers Questions about Survivor

 Jeff reiterated that , “Not one single second of#SURVIVOR is staged,” and Jeff says, “The show is the star.” and that  he doesn’t root for anybody anymore. He roots for good game play!

Jeff Probst Spills Teasers about Season 32

For the ultimate teaser, Jeff says that:

 “Episode 4 is one of the most compelling episodes ever. It’s scary!” @JeffProbst

Everyone got a real “Buff” too. Love it!


We’ll share more scoop and photos later this week but here’s some tidbits and teasers from our interview:

The new season of SURVIVOR: Kaoh Rong premieres with a special 90 minute episode on Wednesday, February 17 from 8PM – 9:30PM ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.

You can check out a livestream of the event we went to with Jeff Probst yesterday  at this link here:


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