Inspired to Eliminate the Excess Products in my life thanks to the Schick® Intuition® Simplicity Project

I love the lessons I’m learning on my journey with the Schick® Intuition® Simplicity Project, so this week I’m going to continue on the less is more path to simplicity.

My motto last week was all about Less being More; since too many choices just make life more complicated and cause more anxiety and stress. Remember how I ditched my junk drawer entirely? (You can read all about it in my Diary entry from last week here.

This week it’s all about PURGING the overabundance of items I have in our bedroom closets and in our laundry room.

Ideally, I’d have an organizational company install a special closet system to help me stay extra organized, but so far I’ve not been willing to make that financial leap as finished closets can be extraordinarily expensive. I’ve been quoted as high as $5,000 for our Master Bedroom Closet to get a makeover. My husband and I joke that at a price that high, I should hire someone to come in weekly for the next decade to organize, fold, and hang my clothing!

I may not be able to afford a fancy deluxe closet or laundry room organizational system, but Jill advised me that my biggest problem is having too much stuff.

Too many choices and too much stuff complicate my life in so many ways which makes it difficult to get organized, stay clean, and make daily decisions like which cleaning product should I use to scrub the shower or which outfit should I wear for date night with my husband.

I took a quick tally of my inventory this week so I could try to reduce my load.

I realized I had 21 pairs of blue jeans in my closet and 38 pairs of shoes! That is ridiculous!


As for my laundry room, I have 29 various cleaning agents stacked on shelves & on my laundry machine. Including 5 bottles of Toilet Bowl Cleaners! And another 15 bottles out in the garage that are 1/2 used, years old, or brand new – I’m not even sure!


With the help of Jill Pollack, the Schick® Intuition® Organizational Expert, I’m purging the excess in my home – from my jammed closets to my messy laundry room. Visit the Schick® Intuition® Facebook page to see how.

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