Inspiring Girls STEM skills with Roominate #LetGirlsBuild

Hot toy alert! Did you know that half the population is girls, but only one-sixth of engineers are females? If you haven’t heard of Roominate, definitely check out this inexpensive and creative toy line that is BRILLIANT for girls. We highly recommend it and think it is SOOOOO much fun and also a real learning experience for the kids.

We heart the incredibly innovative new building toys from Roominate that inspire girls to build, use their imagination, and be creative while also helping them build their science and engineering skills as each set comes with a real circuit. Building opportunities for your circuit are open ended and kids can be creative to design what they want from working fans, elevators, a carousel or whatever their heart desires! Check out Kenzie’s creations that she made on her Roominate Playdate with her friend Kate.


A mini screwdriver comes with the set. The kids loved it!

Roominate Studio Set How to Make a Carousel

The girls truly build this all by themselves with only a little guidance from Mom as they were problem solving. I was so impressed with their ingenuity and brilliance. The carousel was such a fun piece to build and the circuit let it become a real live true WORKING carousel. SO COOL! The girls were DETERMINED to make it work and continued to be persistent and figure out to make their circuit work and build their various pieces. I was so proud of them!

Roominate Playdate Fun

Here’s some more photos of the kids. Each of them received a Studio Set – that’s where they got their parts to build a circuit and carousel. We also got a Helicopter that we let Kenzie’s brother Kyle build. The fun thing is that you can always tear down your creations and start over again and make something totally new too!




You can check out the full line of Roominate products and get inspirations for designs on the Roominate website here.

Note: Thanks to Roominate for sending us these kits to host our playdate. So fun! As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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