Ireland Barbie Dolls of the World Collection & Video

We’re impressed with the new 2012 Barbie Dolls of the World collection featuring dolls from Ireland, Australia, Argentina and China. Take a peek at our Irish Barbie below. Kenzie is super excited about this gorgeous doll and the special carrying case and passport – which doubled as the doll’s box make the entire doll “kit” more fun to play with. The Barbie also comes with a hairbrush, passport, stickers, and a little doggy. They retail for about $29.99.


Take a peek at Kenzie’s video demo of her new Barbie doll from Ireland. Isn’t this doll beautiful?

Check out the entire Barbie Dolls of the World collection here. You can also play fun online games to learn about interesting facts about each of the doll’s countries and heritage too. Kenzie and I enjoyed checking out the Ireland doll’s page, learning facts, and playing games – that included Barbie doing some “Irish dancing.”

Here’s a close up of the doll below.


And here’s the box it comes in that doubles as a special carrying case.


Disclosure: Thanks to Barbie for sending Kenzie a sample doll to facilitate our review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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