It's over for Raising Sextuplets Stars

Well, seems as though another Reality TV relationship has plummeted. Celebrity Baby Scoop reports that The Star of Raising Sextuplets, Jennifer Masche, has decided to end her 6-year marriage from husband, Bryan.

The reason for the separation is based Bryan’s arrest earlier this month. Jennifer’s soon to be ex was charged with disorderly conduct and threatening domestic violence. confirms that Bryan allegedly “shouted profanities at his wife and threatened to ‘flatten’ his father-in-law” during the incident. Oh man!

I wonder what their three year old sextuplets Savannah, Bailey, Grant, Cole, Molli and Blake, will think of the spilt? If any of you have watched the show, which runs on WE, the divorce and Bryan’s outburst doesn’t come has much of a surprise to you. The two were always having brutal fights, much like the Gosselins, if not worse! Bryan never seemed like too supportive of a father and husband.

For those of you who watch the show, what do you guys think? Is anyone surprised?

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  1. I saw the show a couple of times and it made me completely sad. He seems like a pretty low-quality guy … I wish there weren’t six kids who will be deeply affected by his selfishness.

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