Jack Black on Being a Celeb Dad & Playing a Giant in Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s Travel’s will be in theaters on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2010. This movie is a hiliarous escape for the entire family. Here’s a clip to give you a feel for Jack Black as the “giant” Lemuel Gulliver during his journey to Lilliput in the film.

The movie has a PG rating for “brief rude humor, mild language and action”.

I loved the movie and think my kids will find the potty humor hysterical and the dynamics of a giant towering over the tiny people in Lilliput beyond impressive.

Here’s a shot of the Moms hanging with Jack Black post interview.

Here’s the scoop from Jack Black on being a celebrity Dad and playing a Giant in Gulliver’s Travels. Jack is married and the father of two boys – Samuel Jason “Sammy” Black (age 4) and Thomas David Black (age 2).

On taking his kids to see Gulliver’s Travels:

I think I’ll wait until later to bring Sammy, my four year old.  I don’t want to bring him to the premier.  It’s going to be too intense. He doesn’t really know that I’m famous yet, know what I mean?  He might freak out if he realizes he’s sharing me.

On his 4 year old noticing the celeb factor in his Dad :

The other day he said, “Does everyone know you?”  And I was like, “A lot of people know me, yeah.”

And he said, “Does everyone know me?”  I said, “No.  But, you know, people know you.”  So, he’s starting to get, like, the concept of the biz.


On the reactions of his kids to the paparazzi:

Well, we went to the park the other day and there were some creepy crawlers in the bushes with cameras.  And he said “It’s okay to take pictures in the movies, but not in real life.”  And I told him, “You’re right.”  There should be a law to protect families.

On if his boys might be inheriting his sense of humor:

I do have a silly side, yes.  My boys, especially my oldest, he loves to ham it up.  He’s the real performer in our household.  He loves the attention and a captive audience.  If you come over, you will see.  He will entertain you.

On his listening to music with his son Sammy:

No Guitar Hero.  But, I have been introducing him to some of my favorite music that I think they would dig.  For instance, they really like Weezer.  Do you guys know Weezer?

I really recommend Weezer for kids.

On what his kids are most into right now – toys, movies, etc:

The Polar Express.They love the songs in that movie.  Especially “Hot Chocolate!”

On how he prepped to be a giant for this role:

Well it doesn’t sound like real professional actor preparation. But, I do play with a lot of

toys to get ready for the giant and tiny person relationships.

And luckily I had a bunch of toys at home, because my kids have

them everywhere.

On his favorite scene from the movie:

My favorite scene is probably when I’m giving advice, when I’m whispering to my little buddy Horatio on what to say to the princess.

And Jason’s so funny and sweet in it. And the Prince song “Kiss.”  That song was a perfect fit and so hilarious.

(I agree this scene was fabulous! And one of my faves from the film too!)

On if he saw any of the previous Gulliver’s travels films?
No. I did not see any of the old productions.  I didn’t want to see them, because I  didn’t want to, have any preconceived notions. And ours was such a new take on the old classic.

On if turning classic books into movies makes people not read the book?

No, I think it’s a helpful bridge to actual literature. I think a lot of kids that see this will later on read the book.

On the central theme of the movie:

In a nutshell its basically you don’t have to pretend to be the president or you don’t have to be a big shot. You just have to have a big heart and be kind to your loved ones.  That’s what it comes down to.

On fans hopes that he will return to Yo Gabba Gabba:

Maybe someday!

Jack Black was cool and answered all our questions. He was funny and warm, but I sensed a bit of what I call the “guarded” A-List mentality when he was chatting with us about the film as opposed to him being totally hysterical like you might expect or the vibe I got from our interviews with Emily or Jason. Remember, he’s a big star and at the end of the day although we are a group of Moms, we are the “press” interviewing him about the movie so he seemed very official versus the crazy guy you remember from Nacho Libre or School of Rock.

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