Johnson’s Head to Toe Foaming Wash

Did you know that Johnson’s No More Tears formula is celebrating their 50th anniversary? Getting soap in your eyes is not fun – and with a toddler keeping soap out of their eyes is almost impossible. To save me from the "burn", I know my Mom relied on Johnson’s No More Tears formula when I was a tot, and I can’t imagine my kids bathtime without Johnson’s No More Tears. Both Mom Central and Johnson’s asked me to review their new line of No More Tears Head to Toe Foaming Wash. I’m crazy for it as it pumps and foams just like you’d imagine and it’s now paired with the No More Tears formula we all trust. My 3 year old uses it in the bath and shower to literally wash herself from head to toe – as we use it as shampoo too. So I don’t have to worry about her getting soap in her eyes as she scrubs down and washes her own hair like a big girl. For more info, check out For more information, click here. Price: $3

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