JOHNSON’S® MythConceptions True/False Quiz

Love this! Moms are always asking questions about their children’s skin and bath products, so JOHNSON’S R&D team created this Myth-Busting quiz to share some really valuable and surprising information. Check it out below for the inside scoop.

JOHNSON’S® Myth Busting Quiz

Answers are in bold 🙂 so you can see how you score.

1. TRUE OR FALSE: Preservatives are dangerous and shouldn’t be in baby products.


b. FALSE – Bathrooms are the perfect place for mold and bacteria to grow due to their

humidity and moisture. Preservatives play an important role in preventing mold growth

and contamination to help keep baby’s skin clean and fresh.


2. TRUE OR FALSE: Your baby’s skin doesn’t lose moisture.


b. FALSE – Baby’s skin loses moisture nearly twice as fast as yours does, so you should

make sure to moisturize it to help keep it soft while your baby continues to grow.


3. TRUE OR FALSE: JOHNSON’S® reformulated products contain formaldehyde-releasing

preservatives and 1,4 dioxane.


b. FALSE – In January 2014, JOHNSON’S® reformulated seven of their core products.

Although always safe, JOHNSON’S® removed formaldehyde-release preservatives and

reduced 1,4 dioxane levels to help give moms peace of mind.


4. TRUE OR FALSE: A baby should be a month old before applying lotion to its body.


b. FALSE – Contrary to popular belief, you can apply moisturizer to a baby’s skin as early as

one day after birth! Baby’s skin needs extra moisture and care so the earlier you start,

the more hydrated your baby’s skin will be.


5. TRUE OR FALSE: Baby’s skin is less sensitive than mom’s.


b. FALSE – Baby’s skin is actually TEN times more sensitive than adult skin! As a result,

make sure to help maintain naturally soft skin by using products that keep your baby’s

skin clean and soft.

No More Tears Infographic

6. TRUE OR FALSE: Tear-free products contain numbing agents to alleviate stinging eyes.


b. FALSE – Products such as JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TEARS® do not include any type of

numbing agent. Tear-free products undergo extensive testing to ensure that the formula

is as gentle as water to baby’s eyes.


7. TRUE OR FALSE: A baby knows when to close his/her eyes during a bath.


b. FALSE – A baby’s blink reflex continues to develop long after birth so your baby doesn’t

know exactly when to shut his/her eyes during bathtime. As a result, you should use

products that won’t sting baby’s eyes while he/she continues to develop.


8. TRUE OR FALSE: Baby’s skin is susceptible to irritants.

a. TRUE – Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and therefore can be easily irritated by

changes such as humidity or temperature external factors such as changes in

temperature. Make sure to use products that are gentle on your baby to maintain

healthy, soft skin.




9. TRUE OR FALSE: Baby’s skin is naturally more hydrated than mom’s.

a. TRUE – Baby skin is naturally hydrated and soft, but it loses water much faster than

adult skin does! As a result, make sure to hydrate your baby’s skin with lotion to lock in

moisture as your baby continues to grow.



10. TRUE OR FALSE: 100% natural products are the best option for baby’s skin.


b. FALSE – Although “natural” may sound like the best option for your baby, these

products can irritate baby’s skin. Natural products and fragrances are sometimes made

from fruits, such as orange peel, which can actually cause an allergic reaction on baby’s

super delicate skin.

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