Join the Acronis #WorldBackupDay Twitter Party This Thursday! #AcronisWBD @Acronis

Did you know that March 31st is WORLD BACK UP DAY? Since April Fools Day is a huge time for hackers and malware to run wild, we want to remind everyone to BACK UP their computers and data. Join our TWITTER CHAT with @Acronis at 9pm EST on Thursday March 30th. Have you ever lost your beloved photos or had a computer literally crash on you; leaving you stuck and unable to access your files?? I’ve had my computer literally STOP being able to be charged and I lost a ton of photos and files because I hadn’t backed it up. Yikes! Now, there is solutions out there to help you backup your computer and important files to the cloud. Hooray!  You can see all the details for our twitter party here — and below too! 


Acronis Twitter Party Details

In 2011, the Reddit community came up with the idea to have March 31st, the day before April Fools Day, be known as World Backup Day. So now we’re going to celebrate Acronis, talk about backing up our data, and have some giveaways before April Fool’s Day and World Backup Day.

Date: March 30th, 2017

Time: 9pm – 10 pm ET 

Hashtag – Follow along with #AcronisWBC as our main hashtag on Twitter or Tweetdeck. The additional hashtag will be #WorldBackupDay

Hosts: @DadaRocks @ClassyMommy @GayNYCDad @DadofDivas @Realtedhicks @TheMrKaufman

Link to official details here:

Be ready to answer questions about World Backup Day during the Twitter Party and GET Your Chance to Win Cool Prizes.

Acronis Backup Software Product Highlights

Acronis is the #1 Computer Back Up softward. Yay! Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation allows you to create any type of backup, the whole image of your PC/ laptop and store it in a single file on a HDD, USB hard drive, network or the Acronis Cloud. What’s really helpful for ordinary consumers like me is that once you back up and mirror your PC — you can open and manage this “duplicate” file from wherever to pull out info, files, folders, photos or whatever you might need. You can access either from another PC or your mobile devices too. Cool!

I received a sample, and it was really easy to download and set up an account. I had a sample and quickly downloaded it and was able to set up a password so that I could then access from the Cloud. Basically, you can also have the options to back up your mobile phones, iOS, and/or Android to a local computer or to the cloud too.  When backing up you set an encryption and can protect your back up with a password. So horray – this menas no one else can access the file but you are most importantly STORING your data elsewhere. So if a crisis strikes your machine – you’ve got a back up saved before an ill fated CRASH happens.

Entry Details for the Free Acronis Software Giveaway

1 winner will receive a Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation software package valued at $149.99. Eligibility is for US residents only.

1. Leave a comment below by April 10th, 2017

2. Daily Comments as daily entries allowed.

3. Tweet the following for an entry:

I’m hoping to win the #AcronisWBD #giveaway software package from @ClassyMommy #WorldBackupDay

4. Daily Tweets allowed.

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Note: I’m participating as a compensated twitter party panelist for this event and we received a free download code to test out the Acronis software package to backup our tech and files.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. just to let you know, you can totally get the files/photos off of a computer that won’t charge anymore, or a laptop who’s screen is broken etc. It is actually SCARY easy to do, and you could look it up online. If not, someone like the geek squad would know how. No need to lose files off of a broken computer!

  2. I joined the Twitter party last Thursday but didn’t win anything. I hope I win this one thanks for the chance and have a nice Sunday.

  3. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday sure have my finger crossed that I win this one sure need it thanks for the chance, daily comment 4-9-17.

  4. I sure would love to win this one we sure could use it on our computer. It is so important to have a back up thanks for the chance and have a nice week, daily comment 4-10-17.

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