Kate Gosselin Wig – For real!

Can’t resist sharing this one. Moms if you need an easy Halloween costume that will get everybody talking, try this Kate Gosselin Wig for just $12. Pretty hysterical. And cheap too! You can buy it here.

Kate Gosselin’s fame is now affirmed as she joins the ranks of Spiderman, Batgirl, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and every other possible Halloween costume out there. Yes, you’ve made it ultra big time when they create a Halloween costume for you.
I always wonder just what is up with Kate’s haircut. I mean really… would you want this hairstyle? I doubt it. Kate manages to somehow pull it off but it is weird! Whatever we may think about Kate, I suspect her hair is just one more fantastic way for this marketing genius to get more buzz for herself, her brand, her family and her show.

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