Kazam Balance Bike Review

We give the Kazam Balance bike a RAVE review. This is a revolutionary approach that all parents should use for their kids to help them learn how to ride a bike. The Kazam balance bike provides a fantastic way to prepare your kids early for what it will be like to ride an actual real bike. I highly recommend using a balance bike at an early age as it will make the transition to a real bike almost seamless. My 4 year old son has been using this Kazam in our driveway this spring and ironically when we were teaching his older 6 year old sister how to master riding her 2 wheeler, Kyle just literally picked up his own 2 wheeler bike and started tooling around on it.

Forget about training wheels – the idea behind the balance bike is to learn to balance first and then throw in the pedaling.


Here’s a video of Kyle on his Kazam balance bike.

He is a very coordinated kid, but his use of the Kazam Balance bike definitely contributed to his ability to naturally pick up riding a bike as he already had that innate feel of balancing and steering while riding on a 2 wheels. The only downside is the cost – at $99 (Free shipping too!) this is not easy on your wallet but it will save your sanity – teaching some kids how to ride their bike can be a slow and frustrating process for parents. I can attest to this with my older daughter Kenzie who is now 6 and can ride but was just AFRAID to do it for so long despite her excellent balance at gymnastics and athletic skill. Kazam Bikes are lots of fun for all kids – those who can already ride a bike and those who are just learning. It’s low to the ground and gives kids a chance to naturally feel how to balance a bike. It will even reinforce the balancing concepts to older children who are struggling more slowly at picking up riding their bike. ClassyMommy Approved!

Disclosure: Thanks to Kazam for sending us this bike to facilitate our review. All thoughts and opinions are always our own.


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