Kenzie & Kyle hit the Celebrity Magazines

Picking beets with Jennifer Garner last week earned the kids some hot press in the celebrity magazines.

Kyle hits People Magazine on page 18  and Jennifer has her arm around him while Kyle is showing off his beats in the hot sun.  The kids were helping her kick off Frigidaire’s Summer Cooking Academy to benefit Save the Children.


( If you know me well, you know just how totally crazy and especially insane it is that my kids are showing up with Jennifer Garner in photos given what an obsessed Alias fan I was over a decade ago. )

Kenzie made it in Life and Style as she is doing some digging. You can see how my kids are sweating – hard to believe they had Jennifer dressed up so pretty in a cardigan – but it does make the photos look stunning.

Very cool to see Jennifer interacting with the kids – being there in person with her, you can tell she is so in her element when with the kids. She really is the total Mom. Love her.


The kids also showed up on a bunch of celebrity blogs last week – including my fave UsWeekly, along with PopSugar, Just Jared, OK and others.

This was my fave picture of the kids with Jennifer and it was featured in UsWeekly.

Too cool!

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