Kenzie learns how to ride a bike!

Yeah! This was a week of big milestone as Kenzie swam her 1st lap of the pool by herself and then began to ride her 2-wheeler (sans training wheels!) yesterday. I’m feeling bittersweet about it all as it means my baby is growing up.

We still need to work on mounting and dismounting without a crash at the end, but she is definitely getting the hang of it. Hooray!

Take a peek at the video. Kenzie is super cute saying “I can do it!” ¬†while I sound pretty insane as I’m screaming with excitement…….

2 thoughts on “Kenzie learns how to ride a bike!”

  1. i LOVE it!!! Gracie learned how to ride a two-wheeler over the 4th as well. Her first question (after crashing) was “NOW can I go on the bike trail?”
    Love it!

    Now I need something for Colin so he can come with us!

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