Kenzie styling in her Hanes Hair Towel

Kenzie was SOOO excited to test out this comfort stretch hair towel from Hanes on her wet head after swim team practice last night.

Isn’t she cute!


I’m a member of the Hanes Comfort Crew and they sent us this super soft amazing hair towel for us to sample. Hanes just launched a new “Hanes for the Home” line that I am so excited about – the same super soft materials we love for our bed and bath linens. I can’t wait to test out more products!

I highly recommend this hair towel – it has just the right amount of stretch, is absorbent and ultra soft just like you’d expect from Hanes.

4 thoughts on “Kenzie styling in her Hanes Hair Towel”

  1. I WANT ONE!!! Towels and linens would be great by them. I am constantly in their super comfy zip up fleece jackets this time of the year. (love not putting something over my head) and when I walk, if it is windy, I pull the hood up. Love them.

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