Kenzie's 1st Road Race!

Appears Kenzie is anxious to follow in the footsteps of her parents – with her recent decision to run the Kiddie race for those 4 & under (she is 2 !) at her Dad’s race last weekend. She loved hanging with her girlfriends and the race number along with the medal at the end of the race was thrilling – although it looks like she might be a bit competitive as she seriously got nervous and utlra quiet before and after the race. Quiet is not her personality – I admit she takes after me in the talkative category! She was a bit confused about the entire “Run to the cone – and then run around it and come back to the finish line” instructions. She continued to pass the cone and head down the alley towards a McDonald’s – the race director had to physically chase her down and turn her around. Good times!!

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