Kenzie’s Driving with Boys

Taking a spin with Kenzie’s 1st love.

Over 2 years ago when Kenzie was only 2.5 yrs old she met P.J. at preschool summer camp and they pretended to get married…. they had a thing for each other from the day they first met. Their affections have grown over the years and now that they are older, they are true friends. And their infatuation with each other has not stopped. Although Kenzie went ┬áinto a panic when PJ suggested they drive into the Woods together. That was pretty hysterical. Always a goody two shoes……she quickly ran away from the woods in a total frenzy telling us PJ wanted her to go into the woods with her on his jeep. Guess she sensed the danger of heading into the woods with boys!

Kyle loves to tag along too and he was very impressed with this jeep. Look at his grip!

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