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We had a fantastic week in Florida visiting my parents at their new home and test driving a Kia Sedona Minivan on our mini adventures in the Sunshine state. Check out our Kia Sedona Minivan Video Review for the scoop and see our photos and favorite features below. This is an excellent family vehicle that drives well, has lots of safety features, and my kids were crazy for the reclining captain’s seats that included a footrest!

Kia Sedona Minivan Video Review

360 Degree Photo of the Kia Sedona

Check out our 360 degree photo of our Kia Sedona for an inside peek in all directions. Isn’t this car awesome?

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 Kia Sedona Minivan Video Review

Take a peek at our video tour below. The reclining seats are a real hit as you can tell!

Kia Sedona Photos

You’ll see we’ve got lots of trunk space for our beach day and this car seats 7. Woohoo! So it was seamless to include the grandparents in the car for our road trip to the beach one day too!

Kia Sedona Video Review

Kia Sedona Minivan Video Review

Overall Favorite Gadgets and Features

Okay after driving a car for a week, you can get a real feel for the features and differences in a vehicle that make it better than other cars you might drive. For us, the Kia Sedona drove beautifully – and in my opinion I felt the ride was like driving a “CAR” or being a passenger in a car versus a bouncy SUV without compromising on size or passenger capacity.

As for fave features, there were a bunch of items we all really loved. We talked about a bunch in the video but again these stood out above the rest.

  • Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control
  • Apple Car Play
  • Front/Rear Parking Assist System
  • Heated & Ventilated Front Seats – A/C in the seats is awesome in that hot Florida weather!!!  
  • Dual Sunroof – Kids love this and I adore how much BRIGHTER it makes the entire car feel 

Kia Sedona Minivan Video Review

Kia Sedona Minivan Video Review


Favorite Safety Features on the Kia Sedona

Of course the Kia includes lots of the safety features you’ve come to expect in a safe family vehicle like front & side airbags and awesome braking and so on. However, the Kia Sedona included a few unexpected safety features that we really loved and appreciated. I found these special safety features on the highway to be very beneficial and helpful and I’m sure other families would love these too. Especially on a long road trip on the highway!

We talked about a bunch of these in our video but trust me we used all of them during our week driving the Kia Sedona and they made me feel much safer on the highway during our long 2 hour trip to Universal Orlando in the morning and then when we had to drive 2 hours home late at night when everyone was tired!

  • Lane Departure Warning System
  • Forward Collision Warning System
  • Surround View Mirror
  • Smart Cruise Control 

The Kia Sedona minivan starts at $26,900 MSRP. Read all the official details about the Kia Sedona here on the Kia website.

As for fuel economy, it says the Sedona gets 19 MPG with 17 for city and 22 for highway.

Kia Sedona Minivan Video Review

Note: Thanks to Kia for providing us this demo vehicle to drive for the week. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


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