Kids Triathlon Days!

1st Triathlon! Love these photos of Kenzie and Kyle’s competing in a Kids Triathlon. It went AMAZING!  I’m so very proud of Kenzie & Kyle’s determination to try new things – both kids loved it, did great, and my little swimmers and runners survived the bike element! It was such a fun morning and event. Kenzie even grabbed the 1st place overall Female!!!! I think maybe they’ve found a new sport !

ec71f3e3-3560-4d88-8953-55447c4de760.jpgThey’ve never done anything like this and for years both kids wanted to try a triathlon but were always afraid to do it because the biking element was literally impossible for them both. This summer both kids went on some bike rides to gain confidence with the goal of competing in this Triathlon at the end of the summer -HOORAY for shooting for the stars and trying new things!

The transitions from pool to run to bike were so fun to spectate as well for me! Here’s Kyle cruising out of the pool and running through the parking lot to his sneaker transition zone – where he then had to run another 1/4 mile to get to his bike!




Kenzie was so excited going from bike to run that she forgot to lose the helmet!!! Eventually she saw Mike on the course and passed on her helmet to her Dad with his persuasion. LOL!


Love my girls fire and competitive spirit. This photo of her finishing up her 1 mile run shows her desire to always try her best in everything she does. My heart was so full seeing my kids try new things with a triathlon and still do  what they love – swim and run – all at the same time! Kenzie and Kyle say they can’t wait for their next triathlon! YAY!


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