Kids Won’t Drink Milk? Try Flavoring it with MilkSplash

If you’ve got kids who just won’t drink their milk, an option to help them get their calcium loaded milk is to flavor it with MilkSplash.MilkSplash has ZERO calories and is available in 5 unique flavors. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated and as you can tell it’s very portable in these little containers.

Cocoa Loco Milksplash


My kids enjoyed the taste of it. Kyle used it the Chocolate style flavor, Cocoa Loco. This is what it looks like after dropping it into Kyle’s Almond Milk.



Sold at Walmart at a price point of  $3.48 with 24 servings per container. Just one drop was all we needed per glass of milk. Kyle enjoyed it but on principle, I prefer not to add any additional artificial ingredients or any kind of natural sweetener to my kids foods or drinks if I can help it and get them to drink it or eat without it.

Five flavors available and they include:

Cookies n Cream, Cocoa Loco, Jammin Banana, Sir Strawberry Swirl and Orange Cream Dream.

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