Kitchen Sanity Saver: The Dyson V6 slim Cordless Vacuum

We LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dyson V6 slim cordless vacuum. It is MARVELOUS and truly a sanity saver in the kitchen. We’ve reviewed this in the past and just recently were sent a special edition yellow colored version that is exclusive at Walmart and is currently on rollback from $289 to $259 during a Labor Day promotion running 8/23-9/12. Check out some of our photos and  below showcasing the Dyson V6 slim.

Favorite Features of the Dyson V6 Slim

I heart this easy to use vacuum so much! I keep it charging  and hanging on the wall in my laundry room so I can pull it out daily – or even multiple times per day – to suck up all those kitchen crumbs and bits of everything that accumulate in the kitchen. It’s so extra special because it’s so easy to use! Very lightweight with incredible suction – and no cord to get tangled up in.

Check out how the head rotates below in this photo.

If your kids crumb around your kitchen the way mine do, you’ll love having a cordless vacuum that enables you to get in all the nooks and crannies under your countertops and kitchen floor. I need to vacuum 2x a day at my house in the kitchen to keep things looking good and avoid losing my sanity at the mess! I love the convenience of the Cordless Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead – and how it can plug in and charge up against the wall too!

I find the suction to be excellent and it literally catches everything in those nooks and crannies and lets me quickly clean the kitchen floor. The battery life on the charge is pretty good too – with 16 minutes for high constant suction or 6 minutes in boost mode. I basically am ever only doing a quick 3-5 minute clean up at the most so I never run into issues.

The V6 Slim is on rollback at Walmart from $289 to $259 during a Labor Day promotion running 8/23-9/12. It’s a super deal if you need a new easy to use and maneuver between high vacuum for your kitchen.

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