Kyle Jumps off the Diving Board!

My heart is simply bursting with joy for my little boy.

Learning to swim is such a milestone for kids and Kyle is finally in the water and most importantly LOVING to swim.

I profess Kyle should have been swimming like Aquaman already given the number of swim lessons I’ve paid for over the past 2 years…… but he had no interest and was so apprehensive about swimming.

Just 10 days ago, Kyle still wouldn’t put his head under water!!!! Unbelievable the quick progress kids can make in life isn’t it?

Here’s Kyle going off the board – Hooray!

The “learning to swim” Rite of Passage is finally over for both of us. Thank god as YES it is a rite of passage for Mom too!

It’s torture for parents watching their kids cry about swim lessons and Kyle has shed a MILLION tears. Kyle always behaved in lessons but would cry endless tears at home whenever it was swim lesson day. Uggh! The drama and the bribing have finally come to a close.

It’s thrilling that the tears are now dry and we can move on to the fun. Here’s Kyle showing off his Big Arms freestyle too! So cute!

Now he’s jumping in off the wall AGAIN and AGAIN (yes it can be exhausting!) He’s trying to swim with his big arms and even yesterday he tackled the big diving board – without any hesitation at all.

Go Kyle! We are so proud of you.



4 thoughts on “Kyle Jumps off the Diving Board!”

    • Thanks for checking out ClassyMommy! And we are SO excited Kyle is finally in the water and having fun. I’m so proud of my little guy 🙂

  1. Hi Collen!
    Way to go Kyle!!! I am a very firm believer that the younger that children learn to swim the better. We offer swimming lessons at my childcare center and parents are always scared at first but always amazed at how fast their toddlers learn to swim. Love your site!! Check mine out http:/askmissramelleaboutchildcare,com

  2. Yes, that is definitely a milestone and relief when children finally are safe if they happen to fall in the water. And now to actually be having fun is a also such a wonderful feeling.

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