Kyle Plays His 1st Soccer Game!

The little guy is now starring in this Ecuador Soccer Films clip thanks to his prowess on the soccer field. Mike made this awesome 1 minute clip for Kyle to remember his big day and for me since I had to miss the 1st game to coach Kenzie’s 1st field hockey game.

Check him out below to see the highlight reel of his 1st big day on the soccer field.

Next week the logistics should work out and I’ll be able to cover both games. I can’t wait to see 4 year old Kyle kicking the ball around the field. He is so cute and we are so proud of him for getting out there and playing. He’s on a team with 6 year old kids so I was nervous he might just panic and not participate or somehow be afraid but as you can tell he got right in the thick of things and did his best.

And if your wondering about the “Ecuador” connection, Mike’s family is from Ecuador and his uncle was a pro soccer player for the National Ecuador Soccer Team.


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